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5 Best Colleges In Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley is a haven for technology experts and enthusiasts, but studying in some top schools within this place is a blessing and a significant opportunity. It is a place where most of the recent trends and discoveries in science and technology take place. Many of the things you use today came from Silicon Valley. For students who wish to get into the colleges in Silicon Valley, being prepared for evaluation is the best thing to do. But once you have successfully qualified for enrollment, then you can take advantage of this opportunity as you will study in the center of technology of the world.
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Best Colleges in Silicon Valley

1. Stanford University

Located in Stanford, California, this university is known for producing graduates in different fields and excels at work after graduation. Science and Technology is one department that they invest in a lot because students are progressing so fast in this field.

2. San Jose State University

Since 1857, this university has helped the Silicon Valley community by supplying workers in different companies. The student population is high, and it is also a big opportunity for new discoveries in some sectors such as in technology.

3. University of California (Berkeley)

With so many discoveries since 1887, this institution has proven to play a big role not just in the community but in the entire world. With the years of experience in the academe, they impart knowledge to their students from aerospace studies, science and technology, and others.

4. Santa Clara State University

This school is located at the heart of Silicon Valley. They are into high-tech innovations but remain to preserve the Jesuits' educational tradition. They have the mission to let their students be involved in entrepreneurship with the combination of new technology.

5. Saint Mary's College

Founded back in 1863, this school was one of the oldest in the West and from then on, has provided quality education to the community. Research and Internship are their priority because there are large companies that are inclined to innovations.
Studying with some of the best colleges in Silicon Valley is a big advantage. You can get tons of opportunities, especially when you finish your course. This can open up a great career path for you, and some companies in Silicon Valley may even be interested in hiring you.