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Happy Tuesday!

How is your week starting off? Things are busy around here. I think we may get the new apartment we applied for in Berkeley. I am not so sure about not being able to have my own washer & dryer in there. Or a dishwasher. Are those deal breakers?? Or should I be so happy that I won’t have to wash & fold any laundry for as long as we’re there? (The husband promised we can afford wash & fold service so I don’t have to take the kids to the laundromat for hours each week.) Anyway, here are some interesting posts that are worth reading. Want more? Click here to check out my other recent Sweet Links posts.



Did you want an update on the Georgia State-wide nurse-in? Here you go!

Breaking News: Georgia Moms Making Headway with Breastfeeding Protection Bill! | Best for Babes


“The proposed Breastfeeding Protection Act by the Georgia State-wide nurse-in group officially now has a bill number, a sponsor and several co-sponsors!   Woohoo!  What is great is that this proposed bill makes it clear that breastfeeding is not indecent, that a mother has the right to breastfeed any…”


via The Milk Truck
New Johnson & Johnson Commercial: (VIDEO)

New Commercial Dares to Feature Mom Breastfeeding — Finally! (VIDEO)

“With the majority of the general public thinking breastfeeding should only be done in a dark cave where no one can see and Facebook worried that a…”


via KellyMom.com


Mothers and babies can instantly synchronize their hearts just by smiling at each other


Mothers and their babies are often said to share a deep, intimate connection…but even so, this new discovery is weird. Simply by looking and smiling at each other, moms and babies synchronize their heartbeats to within milliseconds of each other. Researchers at Bar-Ilan University in Israel found….


Celebrity Moms in the news

Her pride and joy: Bethenny is a doting mother to her young daughter Bryn



Ok, I don’t think I’ve ever seen this woman on TV but I love her daughters dress and bow!

‘We don’t like each other’: Bethenny Frankel reveals the cause of her marriage troubles with husband – Daily Mail





The pregnant mom I love to envy. She’s is crazy skinny & rockin’ a HUGE belly (for her size)!

Her baby bump isn’t slowing her down…and neither are her high heels! Pregnant Alessandra Ambrosio shows off her dance moves on Spanish TV show – Daily Mail

That's different! Model Alessandra Ambrosio opts for a figure hugging mini-dress and heels despite being five months pregnant

Disco diva: The model was seen moving her body around in a series of positions and didn't let her heels impede on her dance moves















And what do you think about these two? I keep waiting for something bad to happen. I’m terrible, I know.

Say cheese! Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes goof around and pucker up for a kiss in fun photo booth snaps – Daily Mail

Say cheese! Tom Cruise and wife Katie Holmes goof around in pictures taken inside a photo booth at the Vanity Fair Oscars after party


 ’I find that word jarring’: Stella McCartney on why she refuses to use the word ‘nanny’ – Daily Mail

One of the family: Stella and husband Alasdhair Willis with two of their four children and their nanny, who Stella refuses to call by that title


Parents to be: Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo married in July last year, seen here last month in Cabo San Lucas attending a friend's weddingYay? Why do I sorta care about Jessica Simpson’s baby-to-be and not so much about Nick’s? Meh.

‘We have been blessed with a little angel’: Nick Lachey’s wife Vanessa Minnillo tweets joy over her pregnancy – Daily Mail








Lunch outing: The actress is to start filming new TV show Anger Management alongside Charlie Sheen later this month

Love this mom! And look at her handsome little man. Almost makes me want a little boy.

Happy families: Selma Blair makes the most of baby bonding time on day out with son Arthur and husband Jason Bleick – Daily Mail








Peekaboo: Natalie Portman headed out of a Santa Monica synagogue Saturday and revealed a bit more of her eight-month-old son Aleph

Another one of my fav moms -

Cuddle love! Natalie Portman holds her baby close as she steps out in Los Angeles with ‘husband’ Benjamin – Daily Mail

Do you think she is married? I do. Loved her latest red polka dot award show dress!






The most famous celebrity mom?


Check out this sweet post by Peaceful Parenting – Breastfeeding Baby Jesus

I appreciate this and I’m not even religious.

And your birth story for the day…

What happens when a woman has a surprise vaginal breech birth at home?

Surprise Breech Birth – Mama Birth

I love the ending. “A common cause of serious injuries from vaginal breech birth is aggressive measures used to deliver an entrapped head. My midwife knew how to deal with that exact complication and because of that, I have a perfectly healthy baby boy who just happens to be a little stubborn about how and when he does things. It’s totally possible I could have had one of the few care providers at my old hospital with the same skillset, but it’s more likely I would have had one who only knew one way to deliver breech: with a scalpel. Trying to shove Cal back through my cervix to deliver him that way does not sound safer to me!”

OK! Enough for today. Goodnight!

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