Did you ever photograph your c-section scar?

I just can across this post by Birthing Without Fear and I just took a double take. Wow.

This image is so powerful. The pain. The love. The new life.

*Picture is originally from here.

And even more powerful are the words that follow. “A cesarean is not a failure on a mother’s part. A cesarean, no matter what we think of them in the natural birth community, is still birth. It is still a child being born and a woman becoming a mother.”

And in another related post by PhD in Parenting, she says, “Having a c-section does not make you a failure, but doctors who force unnecessary interventions on women are failing them.”

I am still trying to come to terms with my first born being a cesarean birth. I wonder if I will ever get over it. Honestly, I don’t know that I can ever accept it. But reading that I am not a failure because I had a c-section is really nice to hear, you know? I may not have birthed my baby the way I wanted but I still became a mother. Although I know I could have done more to change what happened, that I am upset and ashamed of myself for letting someone take away my rights, that doesn’t make me a failure. Some of the blame is on the doctors who lied to me. Who failed me.

Now I am curious to find out if I took my own fresh c-section with staples photos. I can’t remember! Did you?


I still can’t find fresh csection photos but I did take a similar photo, which I shared in My Postpartum Self post.

Showing my csection scar with the child what was born from it.



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2 thoughts on “Did you ever photograph your c-section scar?

  1. I totally agree! It hit home for me too, the idea that WE didn’t fail, our healthcare providers failed us. I still can’t bear to look at or touch my scar (15 months later), it’s hypertrophic, looks horrible and still hurts. I’m just glad bresstfeeding worked out for us, it’s helped to heal a lot of the guilt and pain associated with the birth. Hugs to you, fellow CS mama.

    • Thanks so much for the sweet reply, Ings. Mine is hypertrophic and looks horrible but feels numb. I didn’t know scars could hurt for that long. Did they sew it up properly?? Hopefully, time will heal our mental and physical scars. And congrats on having a successful breastfeeding relationship. You must be an amazing mama.

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