Breastfeeding Sweet Links…Overcoming Nursing In Public Fears

Have you ever been confronted about nursing in public before? What would you do if someone told you to take your nursing someplace else?

Would you be shocked and just run away without standing up for yourself and your baby? Or would you calmly tell the offender that you are comfortable where you are?

This mother tells her story of a negative public reaction in her blog, “Turn Around and Face the Wall”: On Responding to a Nursing in Public Objection and Normalizing NIP - Code Name Mama

She was asked to turn around and face the wall during her older child’s dance/tumbling class. Why? To protect the teenage boys that occasionally walked through the space. Really? Seriously? Luckily, this mother was secure in herself and knew the law protected her and her baby. She explained that she was not going to turn around. But what would have happened to the nursing relationship of a mother and her baby if she was publicly shamed and humiliated and she didn’t know it was her right and wasn’t secure in herself? This sort of altercation can be very damaging.

I cannot believe that people use the excuse of “protecting” others when they want a nursing mother to give up her baby’s right to eat and the mother’s right to nurse, whether it be other children, teenagers, the elderly. Because every single age group, except for babies under one year, need to protected from the unnatural, disgraceful sight of a mother feeding her baby. Would they ask a bottle feeding mother to leave or turn around? No.

In this new article in Seattle PI – ‘Put your boobs away’ may become illegal in Seattle – a mother was shopping in an upscale Seattle kids’ clothing store when her baby became hungry. “So she sat in a chair at the back of the store to nurse him. Soon, a clerk asked her to move to a dressing room with a tone that was clear: The store wanted her hidden.” Again, the mother was confident and stood up for what was right. She didn’t move or hide.

Celebrities are standing up for babies and their right to nurse in public too. They show their support by nursing in public, despite the paparazzi, and speak to the press about the wonders of breastfeeding and how they wouldn’t cover up for anyone. Just in the last two months alone Beyonce, Selma Blair, and Alicia Silverstone have come forward. Super models Miranda Kerr, Adriana Lima, and Gisele Bundchen have also shown their support recently.

Breastfeeding is not something sexual, something weird or gross because breasts are seen as sexual in our culture. Breastfeeding is often a tough, mostly thankless job and is a beautiful act of love for sure.

Support babies! Support mothers! Breastfeed in public without shame. Hold your head high and be proud. Smile at other mothers when you see them nursing in public. Spread the positive vibes. Feel the love.

You can do it.
Beyonce Breastfeeds Blue Ivy in Public
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