Do you practice Elimination Communication?

Reduce Diapers with Elimination Communication

I just watched the latest Mama Natural show (MNShow 37) and I love that she covered many things I’ve already put on my blog lately.

But I have not really talked about Elimination Communication. Do you EC? Would you? I am thinking about giving it a go after my compostable diaper supply runs out because 1) I’m not looking forward to cloth diapers again, 2) Peeing & pooping in a potty is so much cleaner / easier to clean up (if potty training my toddler has taught me anything), and 3) It is the cheapest option!

Plus, after reading this Lifehacker bit, I was a bit motivated. “Many native peoples in tropical climates historically raised children without diapers; since the babies were mostly naked anyway the parents would try to anticipate bowel movements and urination and have the baby go in the latrine when possible. This philosophy has been reintroduced in the past few decades under the name elimination communication.”

Tell me your stories! Get me amped up!

Interesting links/videos on ECing:

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