Sweet Links…Areola in the Oreo Ad, Conflicts Over Varying Parenting Styles, When Toddlers Attack, Women in the Media

Happy Sunday!

What did you do today? We did a few hours of moving and started planting our garden. I am still frazzled from trying to keep my 7 month old from eating rocks in her fistfulls of dirt while keeping track of my nutty 2 1/2 year old. She decided to pee in her pants for the first time in two weeks while I was cleaning a mud beard off my baby. Sigh. They sure know how to tag team a tired mama!

Here are some interesting things worth reading. Want more? Click here to check out my other recent Sweet Links posts.



Want to watch a baby girl go from this -

Newborn: Frans Hofmeester filmed his daughter, Lotte, every week until she was 12-years-old

to this 12 year old girl in a couple of minutes? 'To be continued...' The last frame of Lotte shows her at age 12, although her father promises to keep filming her for the time-lapse project

Watch this Video.

I find documenting your child’s growth pretty darn sweet, which is why I’ve filled up a couple hard drives with tens of thousands of photos in the last two and a half years. Why haven’t I thought of doing this? I often wonder what my girls will look like when they get older and doing something like this for my girls would be awesome.


For some reason, this photo struck me.

“Warmth: A young child sucks on her fingers in her family’s kitchen”

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2133649/Stunning-black-white-pictures-nations-rural-ruins-exiled-American-Dream.html#ixzz1spcAzhORWarmth


Speaking of girls in the media, PhD in Parenting wrote an nice piece, Women in the Media: You Can’t Be What You Can’t See. I loved her ending.

“I want our daughters to look out into society and see that they can be anything they want to be. I want them to see women in roles that include President, teacher, mother, lawyer, scientist, construction worker, astronaut, activist, engineer, doctor, farmer and more. I want them to see women expressing opinions, calling the shots, giving expert advice, and standing up for what they believe in. I want them to see women doing all of those things, without people commenting first and foremost on their bodies, their clothing, and their make-up. I want our daughters to believe that they can be anything they want to be, not just because we’ve told them that, but because they see that mirrored back to them in society.”

And the video she included, WMC at Sundance Film festival 2011, was interesting.

Have I posted this Jason Good bit yet about toddlers?

When Toddlers Attack - by Jason Good

}I’m not sure my 2 year-old son understands that gouging my eyes out will prevent me from seeing. “Don’t grab daddy’s face” only elicits a diabolical cackle until finally I cover myself like I’m trying to survive a falcon attack. I should probably get a canvas ski mask to wear during his prime striking hours of 7 to 9pm.

It’s cute that he thinks I’m indestructible, but no one likes having their mouth pried open. Are we playing, or practicing Civil War dentistry? Probably a little of both.”

So true, right? I get a lot of abuse all day but I am thankful I am NOT my husband on Saturday mornings when the girls see him in bed and want to attack/love him.


Differences Over Parenting Can Break, Often Just Erode, Friendships - NY Times

Think you are “Friends for Life? Wait Till Kids Enter the Picture.” Yep. I find that true. But not because I’ve had parenting disagreements with other parents. It is more kidless people that don’t understand parenting. Anyway, read this article if you want to read some uncalled for attachment parenting bashing.


This really just got me thinking about how I’ve been grossed out by all the chemicals in my adult shampoo and other products lately. Take a gander at the back of your favorite product. Do you really think they need to put in 30 chemicals you can’t pronouce? They don’t put all that crap in baby stuff (the good stuff anyway) – so why do we need it in our stuff?? Something seems amiss.


And this too.


They blacked out the areola? REALLY?! 

Here is the original image, as it should be, because exposing a nipple during breastfeeding is not obscene and is protected from indecency laws. And this is just the areola!!
Oreo: Basic instinct, Oreo, Cheil Worldwide, Oreo, Print, Outdoor, Ads

Have you heard Selma Blair’s recent thoughts on nursing in public and possible flashing her nipples? “We all have nipples. I don’t care who I offend; my baby wants to eat.”

I love how this image was banned on FB too, even though it doesn’t violate their policy. Sigh. How are people going to think breastfeeding isn’t creepy if they black it out like it is, for Christ’s sake??! And although I do think it is clever marketing, I’m not sure who their target audience is. You know there is HFCS in Oreos, right? And the first ingredient is sugar, not even flour? That baby looks to be around 7 – 9 months old. Too young for pure sugar cookies! So, are they using boobs to sell oreos to moms or guys or what?

In Today’s article, they mention commenter, Tom Megginson, who points out that “the idea of paralleling cow’s milk and human milk is hardly new…Let’s not forget that La Leche League in the USA partners with the California ‘Got Milk?’ people.”

He also says he is amused by “how shocked and offended adults are by just seeing a breastfeeding image. I guess this is the reason nursing women are still subjected to social apartheid by anti-nature prudes.”

Your thoughts? Yay for breastfeeding in mainstream? Or nay for objectifying women?

Personally, this is what comes to mind of when I think of boobs. A super happy baby. Yep.

Oh crap. Did I ruin boobs as sexual objects for anyone? (I’m cracking up over here.) But I’m going to guess no, since I doubt that is who reads my blog. Boobs are for babies, yep. Anything else is just a bit of side fun.


According to the Daily Beast, Kraft said this ad wasn’t supposed to be leaked to the public.

A provocative South Korean Oreo ad went viral this week, though Kraft insisted “it was never intended for public distribution or use with consumers.” The advertisement, which depicts a baby holding a cookie while suckling on a bare breast, carried the wry tagline “Milk’s favorite cookie.” Kraft contended that the ad, created by Cheil Worldwide, was meant for one-time use at an advertising forum and “has never run in Korea or other markets.”


OK, enough for today. Goodnight!

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