Sweet Links…Babysitter FAIL, Celebrities Who Breastfed Toddlers, Cow Milk, Youth’s Thoughts on Birth

Happy Tuesday!

How is your week going? All is well here. We celebrated my husband’s birthday with oven baked mac and cheese goodness and angel food cake. It was really hard to make these under pressure with one arm holding a baby that refused to be happy anywhere else but I got them done and they turned out delish.

(There is bacon on the mac n cheese and the angel food cake had homemade whipped cream & sliced strawberries on the side. Everything was devoured too quickly to get proper photos. But that is a sign of food enjoyed so I’ll take it.)

As I watched our daughters clamber all over him as he blew out his “candle” (a light up bouncy ball nestled in the center of the bundt hole because I couldn’t find candles since we just moved and I forgot them at the store), I thought about how much our lives have changed in the last 5 years.

Our life is simple but I love it. I saw this quote yesterday and though it was perfect for how I was thinking. Below are some other good photos and articles worth reading.

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What a lovely image of a mother and baby. It also makes me miss my kitties.

And this one too. A little slice of heaven, right?
These make me want to hug my baby tight and smell that sweet baby smell. Thankfully, one is sleeping in my arms right now. (Typing one handed is tedious!)

Have you watched Mama Natural? Her show is so awesome. I just watched her latest video, Babysitter Fail. Have you ever had a bad experience or gotten a bad feeling about a sitter? We’ve only hired one person for one night so far and thankfully, she was wonderful. But a last minute vacation sitter?


What does birth mean to you? Is it beautiful or terrifying or both? I read what is means to a 13-year-old girl and it almost made me cry.

If you think birth is beautiful and loved how this strong little girl could appreciate the awesomeness at such a tender age, you’ll really enjoy this birth photo. The birthing woman’s daughter cut the cord of her new sibling. Wow. Just wow.

via BWF’s post, The Supporting Hands of Birth

Quote about the photo:

Kim says, “This picture really captured home birthing for me.  A trained midwife whose love, gentleness and skill have overwhelmed me.  This was our second home birth with her.  She caught, Lucca, our 7 yr old in this same room 7 years previously.  She remembered that our eldest daughter, Willow,  had cut Lucca’s cord 7 yrs ago. Now it was Lucca’s turn.  My husband, Sam, is helping him.  I am holding our newest daughter, Shiloh, who is wrapped in the towel.  All of these hands play(ed) such important,  sweet roles on my life!  And I love the many colors!”


Speaking of daughters, will mine look like me one day the way I saw my mother? Or as I see my mother in my face and movements now? It is eerie sometimes but I sincerely appreciate seeing her whenever I can, even if it is in myself. It provides some comfort and it almost feels like she is in me, watching me. Do other mothers who have lost their own feel that way too?

And another interesting post on the whole TIME cover issue. It is from a formula feeders blog that I read. I really do appreciate her insight and for this issue, I think she’s spot on. Again.

Also, I found this reaction from Attachment Parenting International. Worth a gander as well.

Many of the people talking about TIME’s story feel that they’re being made to fell guilty if they’re not “mom enough” to do this or that. Mom-guilt is pretty standard stuff, right? Or is that just me? I’m pretty sure it is normal. So, if you’re feeling crappy every other day about how you could be doing better, read this and you’ll feel a little better.

A little bit of her blog…
“I’ve been a parent long enough to know that you don’t give birth and suddenly just know all there is to know about parenting. My own journey to gentle parenting was just that, a journey. We’re all learning ‘on the job,’ literally, and on top of that we’re all just humans raising humans and can and will make mistakes, no matter how much experience we have.”

“Breast or bottle. Demand or schedule feeding. Thumb, dummy, or mama as a pacifier. Public, private, or home school. Vax’ing, delayed vax’ing, or non-vax’ing. The list of differences among good parents doing the best they know how to do with the knowledge and experience they have is endless.”

I enjoyed this post, not only because she and I share some similar thoughts on parenting, but because she’s been a mother for 25 years and shares her confidence.


What do you feel guilty about? Does it really matter if you let you kid watch a TV show or two before you wake up in the morning fully and don’t want you face stomped on? Because you don’t watch them like a hawk during all their waking hours and maybe they do some questionable things that could have been avoided if you did? Do you tell them to go to their room when they’re being annoying? Do you tell them whining hurts your feelings and it’s rude? (Is that even a good response?! Someone tell me, please!) or maybe you feel bad about giving them anything with sugar (because sugar is the devil) and don’t push the veggies enough? Those are my own mom-guilt ridden things that don’t really matter. I hope. And I let them eat dirt and suck on rocks. And don’t reapply sunscreen enough.

I am ‘mom enough’ to know that I’m not perfect but I’m the best they have so I shouldn’t be so hard on myself? Yes. That doesn’t meet I won’t stop beating myself up though. Maybe one day. When they leave the house. Oh and this one made me crack up. SO EFFING TRUE. Are you mom enough to “withstand hearing all of your children whining, crying, screaming and yelling “Mom mom mom mom mom” 800 times in a row without losing your mind…” (More good ones by the Deranged Housewife)

Some people think strollers are bad too but who cares? Not this cute celeb couple. Amy Poehler and Will Arnett strolled with their young sons, Abel, 1, and Archie, 3, in Manhattan on Mother’s Day. More on Yahoo.

Amy Poehler


Do you feel that you are well supported in your breastfeeding endeavours? Or do you feel sort of a lack of support sometimes, like I do, and feel pressure especially to give your children cow’s milk instead of your own? Starting at a year, I’ve noticed that ped’s and people who don’t know any better, start asking about your child’s cow milk consumption. I didn’t realize that it was sort of insulting until this time around. Why would I give my child cow milk over milk from her own species, from her own mother, made especially for her? Without any extra handling or containers or shipping across the country? Directly from the source?

via The Milk Truck

“Alot of money is being made by those who have the human race convinced we should be drinking the milk of another species .”

Yes, yes there is. And don’t get my wrong, I love cow milk. I grew up drinking a glass with every meal so I still do. But this photo makes me feel icky for loving cow milk as much as I do. Would I feel less gross if I had my own cow in the backyard that I fed, pet, and milked myself?

One last breastfeeding article…

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  1. Thank you for the link to my post – I really appreciate it!

    Also, just wanted to tell you that I am TOTALLY with you on the eating dirt and sucking on rocks (and the rest of it too). It sounds like our kids would get along. ;)

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