The Obamas Support Breastfeeding

Who supports you in your parenting views and your choice to breastfeed, full term or whatever your personal goal may be? 

Besides my husband, in-laws, and close friends, former breastfeeding mama and First Lady Michelle Obama supports me. And her husband.

Have you heard about Obama personally thanking a breastfeeding mother?

A fan share on Breast is Best’s facebook page with this photo:

“Last Friday (11/2/12) President Obama was speaking at our local high school. I took my 10wk old son with me. I did pack some formula in the bag as I knew the place would be packed and was unsure about breastfeeding in front of thousands. My son is an eater and seeing as we were there about 4hrs he had no problem devouring the 8oz I packed. So there I was front row with a hungry baby. I knew I didn’t want him to start crying, as the President had just begun to speak, so I covered him up with his blanket and let him go to town. I noticed the President glance at me while speaking and give a little smile. I thought surely I imagined it. Then, when he was done speaking he came down to do the usual crowd greeting, shaking hands and whatnot. As soon as he got close enough, he pointed to me and gestured his hands in the “hand me the baby” manner. So I handed my son over! He danced with him a second and kissed him on his forehead. As he was handing him back he smiled, nodded at me, and said good job. Everyone has been asking why he told me good job and I just giggle. Here I was worried about breastfeeding in front of all those people and the only person who noticed was The President of the United States, and he supports it! Best feeling EVER!”

Regardless of your party, be proud that the Obamas support breastfeeding. That makes is easier for EVERYONE to meet their breastfeeding goals.

A supportive environment is key to helping a nursing mama help meet her own personal breastfeeding goals. Negativity has no place in our lives because we know we are doing what is best for our children, what is biologically normal, legal, and socially acceptable, despite what naysayers may state to the contrary. I would like to thank an unsupportive close family member for motivating me to make my first Obama supports Breastfeeding poster. Take THAT!

Never piss off a nursing mama. That’s how posters and nurse-ins happen. Wink.

Who supports your choices as a parent and helps you feel secure and loved? What do you do when a family member is negative and potentially damaging to your confidence?



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