Pink: Normalizing Breastfeeding in Public

Have you seen Pink’s latest NIP photo? She is nursing her toddler in a restaurant in Paris. Her hubby, Carey Hart, put it up on his Instagram page this evening with the comment, “hartluck @pink Willz and i out to dinner in Paris. Looks like willow is having the best meal!” Of course, as a tandem breastfeeding mother of two toddlers, I fully appreciate the benefits of breast milk and love breastfeeding humor.

I took the liberty to turn it into a poster because today was one of those days where I was tired of people spouting off their negative subjective opinions about breastfeeding moms. These people shoot their mouths off, type in all caps, or call the cops on breastfeeding moms without doing any of the research on their state laws that allow nursing in public, the actual benefits of supporting breastfeeding in our culture, or the benefits of breastfeeding in general. They think a nursing mother is being an exhibitionist and that feeding a toddler is twisted and will hurt the child. I had someone tell me a photo of me and my daughter nursing was the creepiest thing they ever saw. I dare anyone to ask Pink to cover up, move, or to stop nursing and leave. I double dare them to tell her nursing her toddler is sick.

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What would Pink do? She said she would hand the baby off and fight a breastfeeding nay-sayer. Oh yea.

Watch Pink talk about it on the Alan Carr show back in September. Fast forward to the four minute mark if you’re short on time.

That’s right! It is normal and natural. Willow, who will be 18 month old on Dec 2nd, is one lucky baby to have such a strong mama and a father that fully supports her right to nurse and is proud to share it with the world.

Get ‘em, Pink! Thank you for just doing what works for you and your baby and helping normalize breastfeeding in the process.

Happy breastfeeding!


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40 thoughts on “Pink: Normalizing Breastfeeding in Public

  1. I breast fed all my babies. and I’m nursing my newborn. And if anyone told me to cover up or leave. I would tell me to go to hell. Because it’s my right to nurse my kids. Its OK for a woman to walk around half naked, but it’s not right to have a mother nursing their child out public. Now what’s wrong with that.

  2. Can anyone actually see her breast? Because I can’t. I know she’s worn more revealing things on stage… Breast feeding is a natural act. I attempted both of my children. And my 4 month old is now on a bottle. If anything makes children warped, it’s listening to arrogant fools that think this is wrong. It’s a natural act and this is what breasts were MADE for. Society has turned them into sexual things. Women only have breasts to feed their children. I’ve seen more boobs from women thinking they were “sexy” than from feeding their children. Usually mothers know how to feed their children uncovered without showing everything. I am absolutely unaffected by a mother nursing in public.

  3. Why is breast feeding so offensive , I really struggle to understand . My daughter finds its strange seeing babies being bottle fed x

  4. I breast feed in public! And I”m NOT ashamed of it either! And I don’t see why people get offended from it. Boobs are beautiful. And women who are lucky enough to still have theirs, and who are blessed to be able to lactate should flaunt their ability to provide the most basic need for their child while they can! …..Babies are precious and there is nothing more natural than feeding a baby, whether its from a breast OR a bottle!

  5. I have had much respect for her from day 1. She’s got more balls than most. She’s someone who I would love to just talk with.

  6. Big up pink!…If only more celebs would publicly breastfeed their children,and hence promote the cause maybe it would be seen as cool & more young women would be prepared to give it a go instead of reaching straight for the bottle of formula milk. Personally I have loved every minute of breastfeeding my two children. I’m so glad that luckily for me my experience has been totally positive and relatively easy…. Breastfeeding rocks!!!!!

  7. I love it! I nursed my first into toddler-hood and every mom gets to make their own choice, it’s best for baby and that’s what moms breast are for–not for anything else!!

  8. I do want to point out that I don’t think 18 months old is too old and I give pink props for doing it in public and yes PLEASE someone DARE to tell her to cover up! Lol

  9. Haven’t you ever heard that it is rude to stare? Well, if you are uncomfortable with a mother feeding her child no matter what age then it’s simple. Just don’t look. If a child is hungry then feed them. I’m a breastfeeding mum and I don’t give a rats arse who I offend when I’m feeding my child.

  10. It is very natural but some people feel a little uneasy and that’s fine too. Its not fine when people with either view become aggressive and nasty. Everyone should have there opinion. I feel a little uncomfortable around breast feeding woman but that does not automatically mean I think it’s wrong or dirty or nit important. I am also very aware of many woman who don’t have the choice of deciding between breast milk and formula, they can’t feed there children naturally for many medical reasons. So i think a bit of understanding and consideration for all sides wouldn’t go astray.

  11. I successfully nursed all three of my children. I can not imagine a bond more natural and beautiful. I was able to nurse my youngest until he was 2+. I nursed in public, I was stared at often, I was very fortunate to have a husband, family and friends who supported me. Nursing is a wonderful experience!

  12. I don’t see why people tell nursing women to cover up…they are covered. The baby’s head covers everything a tube top would cover…with some of the tube tops you see today..the baby’s head covers more than a tube top would cover. I’ve seen women…and teen girls…walking around with a lot more showing than any nursing mother…and nobody complains about that.

  13. I was at Fasta Pasta last night and a guy glared at me for nursing my screaming baby. I was totally covered with a feeding cape. I was already flustered and annoyed so I abused the hell out of him and asked If he had a problem he then got up and walked out. I think the people that think feeding a baby in the most natural and beautiful way is sick they are the SICK ones. Get a bloody life and get over it. It’s a breast. I bet they have no problems looking at their porn mags under there bed. Sorry makes me angry.

  14. I’ve had people give me funny looks, even disgusted looks, and I don’t understand it. It’s one of the most natural things in the world. It’s the whole reason why they are there. If people don’t like it then don’t stare. Problem solved.

  15. All the research out the there (even the ones done by formula companies) say that the longer our young breastfeed the more benefits there are for mother and baby. And actually the act of full term breastfeeding enables the bodies function in women to continue replacing calcium in their muscles and bones preventing brittle bones/osteoporosis. The constant contractions of the uterus strengthens it helping women to not have preemie babies. Also helps diabetic moms to not have to take as much insulin or come off while breastfeeding and just 3 months of exclusive nursing can wipe away the genetic disposition for type 1 diabetes. Giving breast milk to adults with bladder cancer causes them to pee DEAD cancer cells and helping cancer patients survive their chemo treatments. Why would we take something so powerful away from our babies to accommodate other people. The benefits of breast milk would take days to finish typing (do some research). Oh and did you know there is a substance in breast milk that kills cancer cells and bad cells (cancer is healthy cells gone bad and reproduce into cancer tumors). The longer our young consume breast milk the more time there body can find and kill bad cells in the body.
    Oh and formula companies the guy who is responsible for all the improvements to formula since 1980′s says and I quote “formula can never be as good as or better than breast milk for two main reasons because it is alive and personalized.” You know cause every germ in the mom’s environment our bodies make antibodies for our babies’s immune system. And since formula companies know this so they won’t get sued they mark on coupons and such a warning that states breast milk is the optimal food for your baby’s health and development.
    And did you know that breast milk has stem cells (you know so our young can replace those bad cells with good cells) and scientists are trying to isolate them (like they were trying to with embryo tic stem cells) to try and cure Parkinson’s diabetes cancers etc etc.
    So how could I know all this and more and simply deny my child or deprive because people can’t realize oh that mama is feeding her young. I will also not deny my young food when hungry (and how ever your family feeds their young I hope thy don’t deprive them when they are hungry). So breastmilk does and prevents all this and nature gives this for free but you’d rather me deprive my young of food and benefits so later in life they can pay a pharmaceutical company thousands to millions in drugs to treat disease their mamas milk could have prevented in the first place. Now really whose since of reality is warped. Sounds like big business (medical pharmaceutical food industry formula companies) brainwashing through media, adds etc images of babies with bottles is working. Oh and while you are researching and search GMO and find out how much more big business is not just sabotaging our youngs’ food but the whole populations. Look how much money they spent keeping the labeling of weather or not your foods have genetically altered organisms in them. After you all do some research come back and say something cause at least by then some of the brainwashing will go away and the veil will be lifted from your eyes.

  16. Oh and women have the instinct to kiss all over their young to make antibodies for germs the babies have! That is also why thy recommend moms to kiss the same spot a family member kisses the baby to pick up the germs the family member just gave the baby.

  17. Well said Andrea! I nursed my son well beyond teeth, until he was almost 18 months old. Unfortunately we live in an over sexualized society. Boobs are for feeding babies, if people have issue with that, that’s too bad. I fed my son where ever. Luckily most people were more curious than anything else in my case.

  18. God declares breastfeeding a blessing in the first book of the bible. I’m not hiding my blessings. And everybody please look at history and art. Before there were formula companies around to make billions the art even showed the beauty of a mom nursing her young an no where in any culture do you see these portraits with covers. The shame came when all anyone seen was babies with bottle cause formula companies got doctors (you know for money) to tell moms their milk was bad and give formula. So then all anyone seen was babies and bottles and not babies and breast. Then breasts were used to sell stuff. So now for the last 100 years people have seen bottles are for babies and breasts are for sex….which is crazy cause breasts were made to feed our young. So then women using breasts for what they are made to do is shameful or taboo…hmmm so the world says it is wrong and God says it is a blessing and history (before formula companies started painting the images) portrays breastfeeding as beautiful, powerful, natural, close bond and love. Yep I will trust history, medical evidence, research, biological norm, the other 4600+ mammals (not able to be schemes by big business), and God before I trust the big business.

  19. Oh and why wouldn’t doctors want moms to quit breastfeeding and be unsupportive and not learn to help mom and babies with breastfeeding issues or problems…because they make more money by making the formula companies more money. The less breast milk our young receives the more likely they are to be ill or be ill longer and have a beetle chance if getting serious diseases and becoming obese. All this makes the doctors more money and the drug companies too. Wake up people!

  20. I love that you brought up art :-). I’m an artist and art teacher. It wasn’t always completely accepted for everyone (the wealthy used wet nurses, they wouldn’t nurse themselves).

    It’s also incredibly healthy for the mother. It helps with weight loss burning 500-1000 calories a day (I ended losing too much weight and had to eat more), nursing helps shrink the uterus back to normal size after birth…it helps the mother bond with her baby….it’s ALL GOOD!

  21. Well done Pink. If anyone has a problem with it………it is their problem, not Pink’s or any other breast feeding mom. It is natural. Get over it. :-)

  22. The World Health Organisation recommends breastfeeding for the first two years of life. The reason they do is because cow’s milk or formula follow on milk does not contain the antibodies that breast milk does nor do they provide the same nutrition as breast milk. As I’m sure you know, toddlers need a certain amount of milk per day. People who breastfeed toddlers are simply providing that milk as breast milk rather than cow’s milk or follow on formula. I personally can’t imagine why anyone would prefer to feed their child baby cow milk as opposed to baby human milk. The great thing about human milk is that not only does it provide excellent nutrition but babies (and toddlers) also get other benefits, such as comfort and security, from it.

  23. It’s funny how I almost never notice when a woman breastfeeds, but when she uses a cover-up, or makes formula, it’s always a BIG production. Go Pink! You’re doing an awesome thing and what a wonderful role model!

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