Breastfeeding Advocates: 2013 Nurse-Ins & Events List

Welcome to my running post of upcoming nurse-ins planned for 2013. The new year kicked off with the Nationwide Hollister Nurse-in.


When: Saturday, January 5th, 2013 at 3pm. All US and Canada locations. Why? Check out this news story, detailing how Brittany Warfield was kicked off Hollister property for merely discreetly nursing her infant while sitting on a Hollister bench. She was covered and within her legal rights to nurse in public in a mall in Houston, Texas. Here is main Facebook event page. Also, read my post on it for followup details. Petition to request Hollister apologize for their actions on Since there has not been any reaction from Hollister about their repeated offenses against nursing mothers, there is a Hollister International Boycott - also for Abercrombie and Gilly.

Lincoln Square Mall in Costa Rica. When: Saturday, January 12. Why? A mall security guard ordered Patricia Barrantes to stop nursing her daughter and move to a special lactation room. Instead of complying, the mother just left. News on the nurse in.

Q92 Studios in Ohio. When: Monday, January 14 at 5pm. Where: 393 Smyth Ave NE, Alliance, Ohio. Why? ”In response to ignorant comments made about breastfeeding (as compared to public urination) by my colleague “Mo” on the Mo Radio Show on Q92, please join me, Anna-Jeannine “DJ AJ9″ Herman of Something New Entertainment (Disc Jockey, Master of Ceremonies, and WORKING, NURSING MOM) for a Nurse-in or support us as we nurse on Monday, January 14, 2013 beginning at 5:00 PM.” Check out the Facebook event page for details.

Bribie Island Aquatic Centre Nurse-in to support Liana Webster who was harassed by staff for nursing her child, told to “refrain from feeding out in the open.” When: Saturday, January 18th at 11am. Where: Bribie Island Aquatic Centre, Bribie, Queensland, Australia 4507. Why? News on the incident. Video of the nurse-in on youtube. News on the nurse-in. Event details: Main event page & 2nd nurse-in event page on Facebook. Liana’s support group for nurse-in moms.

Sunrise Nurse-in. When: January 21st from 7am -10am. Why? David Koch agreed that a Bribie Island mother being told to move to a more discreet area while breast feeding her baby was acceptable. Where: 52 Martin Place Sydney NSW 2000. News on the incident and nurse-in. Watch Breastfeeding mums vs Kochie on Youtube. Nurse-in details and photos on the event page on Facebook.


Concord Mall Nurse-in. When: January 20th at 3PM: Check out the main Facebook event page for details. Where: 4737 Concord Pike, Wilmington, DE 19803. Why? On Jan. 5th 2012, Jessica Hitchens, Diana Hitchens, and Autumne Murray set out to support breastfeeding in public rights at their local Hollister for a nurse-in. Due to gross ignorance of the breastfeeding laws of their state, the mall security acted with intolerance and discrimination. The mall seems to be involved in a cover up after someone from Concord Mall spewed lewd comments at nursing mothers on Concord Mall’s Facebook page. See news story at nbc Philadelphia and Best for Babes and Huffington Post.

Facebook Photo Nurse-in. When: Tuesday, January 22 at 3PM. Why: To support Birth Without Fear’s page ban for posting a breastfeeding photo and for the tons of other breastfeeding photos they continue to take down against their policy. Facebook is still “doing nothing to support the cause of a normal, natural part of life,” thus the virtual nurse-in. How to participate: Change your profile photo to one of you nursing, or if you are just in support you can borrow a photo! There was also an informal 24-hour nurse-in on January 18th. See the Facebook event page for details.

Perth CBD Nurse-in. When: January 22 at 11am. Why? From the nurse-in wall on Facebook, the nurse-in is “in response to Facebook’s removal of a photograph, taken by photographer Belle Verdiglione, of a mother breastfeeding her children. Ms Verdiglione was banned from facebook for 24 hours for posting the photograph on her wall. The action was also held in solidarity with mothers who, the day before, held a “nurse-in” at the Sunrise Studio in Sydney’s CBD, in response to the breakfast program presenter David Koch’s comments on the show that breastfeeding mothers should be “discreet” and “modest” while breastfeeding in public.” Where: Perth CBD, 200 / 204 Murray Street, Perth, Western Australia

January 24th Deadline: Remind Congress that “Breastfeeding Saves Dollars and Makes Sense” - Sign the United States Breastfeeding Committee’s petition online here.

European Waxing Center Nurse-in & Call-in. When: Thursday, January 31. Where: 245 E. Bell Rd. Phoenix, AZ. Why? Grace Burnham was waiting in the lobby for her mother to finish paying for her waxing, she was told by one of the receptionists: “I’m sorry, Grace. We cannot allow you to do that here,” in reference to me nursing my infant son. She wrote EWC a letter and has yet to receive an apology for them breaking the law. Join the event & see details on the Facebook event page.


Columbus Public Library Nurse-in, Georgia.

When: Friday, February 22, 2013. Where: 3000 Macon Rd, Columbus, GA. Why? A security guard asked a mother to cover up. News on the nurse-in and my post.


Nurse-In at Satellite Cafe in Australia. When: Tuesday, February 26, 2013 at 12:30PM. Why? An employee at Satellite Cafe asked a nursing mother, Regan Matthews, to stop breastfeeding in their cafe. When she asserted her legal right to feed anywhere she is allowed to be, she was told ‘it’s disgusting’ and ‘it’s offensive to humanity.’ What a disgraceful way to treat a mother and child! The owner did apologize, claiming ignorance of the law. See the Facebook Event page or my post on it for more details.


Nurse-In at Fort Worth, TX Magazine. When: Friday, April 12, 2013 at 10:00AM. Where: 6777 Camp Bowie Blvd, Fort Worth, TX. Why? Fort Worth Texas Magazine published an inflammatory, highly offensive Q&A piece about breastfeeding in church and did not apologize for encouraging harassment of nursing mothers and children. Offending article: News on the nurse-in & magazine’s poor response. See the Facebook Event page or my post on it for details.


Nurse-In at The Pour House Chico. When: Sunday, June 9th, 2013 at 5:30PM. Where: 855 E. Ave Ste 270, Chico, California 95926. Why? The Pour House asked a breastfeeding mother, Nichole Avery, to cover up with a napkin after a customer complaint. News on the nurse-in. Nurse-in Facebook event page.

Facebook Nurse-in When: June 11th, 2013 at 10:30AM. Where: The Westin San Francisco Airport, 1 Old Bayshore Highway, Millbrae, California 94030. Why? For the continued deletion and banning of breastfeeding photos and pages who share them, despite meeting community standards. Also, for denying breastfeeding educators from placing breastfeeding ads while allowing Nestle to use breastfeeding images in their formula ads. If you cannot attend, please make a nursing photo your profile photo on June 11th to breastfeed in solidarity. See the Facebook Event page or my post on it for details. Nurse-in photos and news.


Big Latch On Friday, August 2nd and Saturday, August 3rd, 2013. Details and location on their website, The record was broken this year, with 14,536 babies latched on at the same time.

Check out my post on my local event in San Francisco. We made the cover page of the SF Chronicle!

American Airlines Nurse-in: When: Wednesday, August 7, 2013 at 10:00AM EST. Where: Bwi International Airport-American Airlines, Ferndale, Maryland 21061. Why? A flight attendant repeatedly asked a breastfeeding mother to cover up and AA’s policy allows breastfeeding mothers to be asked to cover up to avoid making other passengers uncomfortable. I guess the mother and child don’t count as people they’re making uncomfortable though. News on the incident. My post on the incidentNurse-in Facebook event page.

Chick-fil-A Nurse-in: When: Wednesday, August 7, 2013 at 6:00PM EST. Where: Offending location: Chick-fil-A at Turkey Creek, 10916 Parkside Dr, Knoxville, TN 37934. Why? An employee approached a breastfeeding mother to tell her other customers complained about her nursing without a cover. This is the third incident in recent years. Nationwide corporate training is in order. News on the incident. My post on the incidentNurse-in Facebook event page.

BRICK Nurse-in: When: Saturday, August 10, 2013 at 10:00AM. Where: Burleson Recreation Center – The BRiCk – 550 NW Summercrest Blvd., Burleson, TX 76028. Why? A staff member at Burleson Recreation Center repeatedly asked two breastfeeding mothers to leave the premises or nurse in a bathroom. Local news on the incident. My post on the incident with video footage of the harassment of one of the mothers, Lucy Bryant Eades. Nurse-in Facebook event page.

Manchester Aquatics Centre Flash Mob: When: Friday, August 16, 2013 at 10:00AM. Where: Manchester Aquatics Centre, 2 Booth St E  Ardwick, Manchester M13 9SS, United Kingdom. Why? Stephanie Wilby was in the corner of the toddler pool feeding her four-month-old son Leo when a staff member allegedly told her it was ‘indecent exposure’ and similar to someone urinating in the water. She was then surrounded by more shouting staff members threatening to throw her out. Apparently, they wanted her to leave her older toddler and husband and nurse in the changing room or bathroom. The public humiliation and harassment is unacceptable. The center has apologized but a flash mob is still planned. Local news on the incident. Flash mob Facebook event page.


Poway Unified School District Nurse-in: When: Wednesday, September 25 from from 7:30-10:00am. Where: Poway Unified School District Offices, 15250 Avenue of Sciences, San Diego, CA 92128. Why? A mother, Rachel Rainbolt, was discriminated against by the Poway Unified School District this past April for breastfeeding her one-year-old child at her son’s elementary school during a private meeting with her son’s teacher. The teacher asked her to stop or to at least cover up because the teacher’s opinion was that breastfeeding wasn’t appropriate, breaking California law which permits breastfeeding in public. Read the full story from the mother on News coverage of the incident and nurse-in on Fox 10 news. My post on the incidentNurse-in Facebook event page.


Morrisons Mansfield Nurse-in: When: Thursday, October 3. Where: Morrisons Mansfield. Sutton Road. Mansfield, NG18 5HL. Why? Michelle Garner was grocery shopping in her local Morrisons when she needed to feed her six-week-old daughter Lois. She asked if she could have a spare chair when she realized the cafe tables and chairs couldn’t move. She was told she couldn’t have a chair and she could nurse in the disabled bathroom where there wasn’t even a toilet lid. News coverage of the incident. My post on the incident.

Fairbanks Memorial Hospital Nurse-in: When: Friday, October 18. Where: Fairbanks Memorial Hospital Cafeteria, 1650 Cowles St, Fairbanks, AK 99701. Why? Kylin Casey, a nursing mother and employee of Fairbanks Memorial Hospital was told she needed to stop nursing her 5-month-old son in the cafeteria and relocate. The hospital has stated they do not have a policy against nursing mothers, saying they may nurse wherever they wish but a nurse-in is still planned to raise awareness for breastfeeding in general, nursing in public, and breastfeeding at work. News coverage of the incident. My post on the incident. Join the event page.

Jackson County Courthouse Protest: When: Thursday, October 24. Where: Kansas City Courthouse, 415 East 12th Street, Kansas City, MO 64106. Why? Presiding Judge Marco Roldan of the Kansas City Courthouse insists that nursing stay-at-home mother Laura Trickle of her infant son must fulfill her civic obligation by serving jury duty at the expense of her son’s health and her breastfeeding goals. He won’t take a bottle and she doesn’t have childcare options. On October 24th, she faces contempt of court charges and up to a $500 fine. Please note all are welcome to attend. It is not a nurse-in, just a peaceful protest. News coverage of the incident. My post on the incident. Join the event page.

Nurse-ins planned for the rest of the year will be added as I see them. Let me know if you hear of any to add to the list!

Other ways to help breastfeeding mother and to normalize breastfeeding:

The breastfeeding offenders, the companies and celebrities who publicly shamed and harassed nursing mothers, in 2013: Concord Mall in DelawareThe Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas, Chula Vista Court House in San DiegoBribie Island Aquatic CentreDavid Kochie. Barnes & Noble Cafe in San Jose’s Eastridge Mall, Felix’s BBQ With Soul in San Diego, Noah’s Bagels, Satellite Cafe, Bird’s Bridal, Columbus Public Library, Crazy 8 children’s clothing store, Fort Worth, TX MagazineFleet Landing RestaurantGrampa’s Pizza ParlorFeith Family Ozaukee YMCA WisconsinNorth Ogden Aquatic Center, Kiddicare LiverpoolTony Sacco’s BBQBurleson Recreation Center (BRICK) & City of Burleson, Texas GovernmentThe Mall at Barnes Crossing - MississippiOrange County Public Library in Orlando, Windsor Clothing store - Chico Hills, CA, Chick-fil-A Knoxville, TN, Windy City LIVE Chicago morning showManchester Aquatics Centre, Twin Rivers YMCA, Kmart, Southwest Airlines, Poway Unified School District, Morrisons grocery

In previous, recent years: TargetLegolandFacebookFunny or DieOld Navy,Urban Planet, Disneyland, Macy’s, Williams-Sonoma, Walmart, Chickfila (Warrenton, Virginia – 2012) and another one in Florida in 2009, H&Mthe Vancouver SunCitizens’ Advice Bureau at Oldham councilOld Country BuffetMcDonaldsStarbucksYMCACharlotte YMCAPirates Cove Water ParkDeltaCrystal Bridges Museum of American ArtThe Fort Rapids Indoor Water ParkDiscover Gymnastics, Kim Kardashian, Sarah PalinKasey KahnePirates Cove Water Park in CO, Pure Fitness for WomenTarget, Bay Shore NY. Logan Morrison, Denny’s (video on it), the Napa, CA DMVFinish Line Christian CenterApplebee’sCrossroads Coffee Cafe, Miami Marlins’ Logan MorrisonHollisterClaire’s…and the list goes on. See how many people called the Best for Babes nursing in public hotline in it’s first month in November of 2012.

Breastfeed with your heads held high, mamas. 


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