Forth Worth, Texas Magazine Nurse-in

Texas mothers, babies, and supports are planning a nurse-In at Fort Worth, TX Magazine tomorrow.

Why? Fort Worth, Texas Magazine published an inflammatory, highly offensive Q&A piece in their March issue about breastfeeding in church and did not apologize for encouraging harassment of nursing mothers and children.

Check out the full offending article, titled Distracting Behavior.

What is offensive to me personally is that the magazine places breastfeeding under “bad behavior” yet Texas law sides with mothers which authorizes a woman to breastfeed her child in any location. – Tex. Health Code Ann. § 165.002 (1995)

The magazine has received so much negative attention regarding this issue that they made a statement. Instead of apologizing, ”magazine owner and publisher Hal Brown dismissed the hullabaloo,” according to KVUE News, saying ”It was simply a writer giving her opinion, which is what this column is all about.” Does this mean they allow authors to say whatever discriminatory idea that pops into their head? Would blatant racism be allowed? “Brown added he is fully supportive of breastfeeding, but he also says he’s not going to apologize for staff writers.”

A mother has the right to nourish her child, from breast to bottle, without harassment anywhere she happens to be. Supporters of the nurse-in tomorrow want Molly Forthright and the magazine to know that internet bullying like Molly’s, veiled as “opinion”, is wrong. Breastfeeding is not icky and that saying nursing women are “putting on a show in the house of the Lord” is unacceptable. The Bible supports breastfeeding, as does Texas Law.

Nurse-in Details: Friday, April 12, 2013 at 10:00AM. Where: 6777 Camp Bowie Blvd, Fort Worth, TX. Join the Facebook Event page!

Can’t make the nurse-in? Email Molly – - and contact the magazine with your thoughts. Write on their facebook wall.


The Fort Worth, Texas Magazine nurse-in went smoothly today. According to participant Jenny Spencer, the head count was 140 mothers, babies, and supporters and several of the magazine’s employees came out and spoke to everyone in the peaceful gathering. They even baked cookies to show their support.

According to Naya, organizer, also known as the Lactivist in Louboutins, “The magazine’s editor, Diane Stow, came down to see us with a news crew next to her. She told us she had nursed all 4 of her children. She told us a story where she breastfed her child in public under a blanket. So let me get this straight: as a former nursing mom, she thought it was acceptable to publish an advice column encouraging readers to bully breastfeeding moms. Mrs. Stow told a local news station in a separate interview that the magazine never set out to offend anyone.”

Fort Worth, Texas Magazine Nurse-in photo by Meredith Duffy Sorensen

Love this adorable onesie! And “This baby needs my milk, not your approval” – Perfect! Photos by Jenalea Laraine Johnson.

Rachel Ann Bushman with her children holding a sign, “Stop Shaming Us!!!” and “If you don’t support nursing in public, then you don’t support breastfeeding.” Photos by Jenalea Laraine Johnson.

Photo by Audrey Heckmann Archibald.

Check out this inspirational tandeming mama with her twins. Tandem breastfeeding in public is something we all need to see more often. And I love this beautiful poster. It really seemed like a lovely event, bringing the community together to support families.

Media: CBS News on the nurse-in.

If you missed the nurse-in today but still want to help nursing families in Texas,  visit to help HB 741 and HB 1706 become laws!

Did you participate in the nurse-in? Have you nursed in church? Share your story!

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14 thoughts on “Forth Worth, Texas Magazine Nurse-in

  1. I’m glad I don’t live there, I nurse in church almost every week! I even did it at the front row on Christmas Day when everyone was staring at my son because he was wearing the most adorable teddibear outfit

  2. The only place I’ve ever been asked to leave while nursing was at church. A deacon (we started jokingly calling him The Bouncer after that) asked me to remove myself to the mother room. I said, “No thanks. I’d rather sit here with my family.” Then I bought a button which read “Jesus was breastfed” and attached it to my diaper bag.

  3. I think it is far less “distracting” for me to nurse my tired/hungry toddler than have him scream & cry during the sermon… Most moms are good about being discreet – especially in church, so this person must have not been paying attention to the sermon if a happily feeding baby was enough to distract them.

  4. Well, that’s the best comment section of an article I have ever read. You know what is “ick”? The fact that I share a first name with that awful advice columnist. Ick indeed.

  5. Ugh! Consider waiting??!! Because we all know hungry babies or upset toddlers will all patiently wait for the service to be over, right? (Rolls eyes.) Jesus was breastfeed and I don’t see a single reason why we cannot feed babies in church. Why was the person asking the question even paying so much attention anyway?

  6. To them my response is. Did God make us able to feed our children? Answer. Yes. Are we able to feed our children milk made by us? Answer. Yes. Would God rather us feed our children in his house or let them starve? Answer. Feed children. Ok so why would he mind me feeding my child the way he intended. No answer. Hmm satisfied. I thought so.

  7. If a baby, especially a newborn, isn’t fed as soon as s/he starts to root, crying will quickly follow, and that is disruptive. By the time you gather up your bag and make your exit for the mother room, the baby will probably have started to cry. I’d definitely go out if the child was fussing or in need of a diaper change, but to leave just for a feed is unnecessary and I am sure Heavenly Father looks down lovingly on women who use the precious milk He has blessed us with unashamedly.

  8. So instead of quietly attaching the hungry baby at the first sign of hunger we should gather all of our stuff, stand up, cause other people in our row to be distracted, and people behind us to not be able to see, all in order to move to another location. Which is more distracting? I always nursed in church and never had a problem.

  9. Wow. My first day at church after having my daughter the usher told me to just use the pew, and that we were welcome. I am appalled by use of the word “ick”!

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