Facebook Deletes Community Support Group for Breastfeeding Mothers

An entire Facebook group, Breastfeeding Support, has been removed today. All 5,000+ members who turned to the online community for mother-to-mother support and answers to their breastfeeding questions are now left in the lurch without a single warning.

This is what they will see today when they try to reach the private group page they formerly browsed daily for real-time help:

Major thumbs down, actually.

Administrators have been suspended for 12 hours. Administrator Alison Kennedy has also been temporarily banned from posting to Facebook due to her involvement with the group.

Alison Kennedy’s response:

“It is a group supporting mothers in their breastfeeding endeavours. I have been running it for the last 5 years and helped countless moms/babies … the current group size is over 5000 members. Stop listening to trolls.”

It isn’t clear why the group was deleted because it is a closed page, not open to the public, but trolls, people who join breastfeeding support pages and browse the personal pages of nursing mothers to bash mothers and flag their photos, might be the cause of this current page deletion. Unfortunately, the sad individuals who spend their time trying to harm mothers and children online are sometimes rewarded for their trolling. Other times, like in the case of nursing mother and advocate Candy Thompson’s photo that was reported today by a troll, photos are kept on and the report is closed. At least for that one flagging attempt.

Here is Candy’s photo that was reported:

[Shared with permission]

This was the message Candy received:

In case you cannot read it, it says, “Since it [the breastfeeding photo] doesn’t violate this community standard, it was not removed.”

When I asked Candy about her thoughts on Breastfeeding Support’s deletion today, she lamented, ”These kinds of groups are the ones that make the difference for those mothers that do not have any support whatsoever from specialist and/or family.” I couldn’t agree more. I personally was a member of this support page and when I first learning the breastfeeding ropes after my first child was born, I joined pages just like this one to help with the transition and any problems. It’s easier, faster, and cheaper than many other in-person options.

Should mothers and all breastfeeding supporters be happy that one person wasn’t banned today when more than 5,000 others were cut off from crucial support and admins were suspended from all activity in one fell swoop?

When is Facebook’s ridiculous banning and deletion rampage going to stop? Facebook continues to claim they support breastfeeding and their policy states that they allow breastfeeding photos, yet blatant censorship incidents like this keep happening.

What do you think? Should Facebook quit the BS and own up to their own standards? How would you feel if your parenting support page was deleted?

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One of the admins of I hate it when people act like breastfeeding is obscene, GET OVER IT! was also suspended because she was also an admin of Breastfeeding Support. They will be posting updates from Alison after she is added as admin this evening, as will FB vs. Breastfeeding.

2nd Update 10:40PM 10/21: Alison has been added as an admin but is too exhausted to make a statement today. This was posted this evening:

**3rd Update 11/7**

I hate it when people act like breastfeeding is obscene, GET OVER IT! shared this photo of the screen shot of why the page was deleted:

And this was Breastfeeding Support’s group page banner created by Sherry Loucks:


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16 thoughts on “Facebook Deletes Community Support Group for Breastfeeding Mothers

  1. I would be crushed if that happened to PAA. Can’t stand FB and their discrimination against BF’ing mothers and BF’ing support pages.

  2. Way to go Facebook. Nothing like finding a natural function pornographic.

    I see you don’t have a problem with lots of cleavage and butt shots but to see a mother breastfeeding her child as obscene – WHAT A JOKE.

  3. I tried to get a white supremacist page removed the other day and was told it didn’t violate any FB codes. Glad to see they’re on top of evil breast feeding pages.

  4. We should all post breastfeeding pics as a protest! This is ludicrous! If people don’t like the pics don’t go out and look for them.

  5. Ridiculous especially as in the news today it has been reported that Facebook have been allowing videos of beheading to be shared & watched. It’s absolutely shocking that someone gets banned from fb for speaking about something so perfectly natural & something that can help others yet allow their account holders to be able to view videos so shocking & disturbing & defend it! Behind Alison 100%

  6. I was wondering what happened to the group. What the heck is up with that? It was a closed support group and a wonderful resource. Smh

    I was a member of the page and admins did not post under the page name they posted from their personal pages. The URL is also different. We had a problem in the group with people joining the group just to harass mothers and report stuff. We even had people joining to screenshot stuff and repost elsewhere to bully moms. I guess the trolls and bullies won by constantly reporting stuff. What I don’t understand is how someone could be so hateful to deliberately join a closed support group to harass women? Who has that much venom towards nursing mothers and why? It was not one person is was several people and the admin were trying to take handle of it an ban suspected trolls.

  7. As a husband to my breastfeeding wife I’m disgusted that Facebook closed this page down… It’s clearly not offensive and shows the loving bond that is special between a mother and child… Its nurturing the way nature intended…. i’m proud of my wife for standing her ground and breastfeeding as and when no matter where…..

    • Thanks for chiming in, Craig! We love supportive papas. You make all the difference, being our backup at home or when we’re out and about and need that support.

  8. Update from “I hate it when people act like breastfeeding is obscene, GET OVER IT!” -

    Update: I talked to Alison and added her as an admin to the page here tonight, she is unblocked, but going to bed exhausted, she’s going to write something and post here tomorrow.

    If you don’t know what I’m talking about I posted earlier.
    I admin-ed for a few years called Breastfeeding Support which was a closed group on Facebook and had over 5,000 members,
    this morning when I logged on my account was BLOCKED and I was banned for posting for 12 hours, in addition to this is stated that the group I admin-ed on had violated Facebook community standards, the reason stated? BREASTFEEDING SUPPORT. It was deleted completely from facebook and all the admin accounts were blocked.

    This affected Alison, myself and 4 other admins also.

    We are not happy with Facebook’s continued allegiance to trolls reporting breastfeeding pictures and groups.

    We started supporting breastfeeding women almost 6 years ago an have supported thousands of women, and spent THOUSANDS of hours dedicated in these groups that did not just sprout up over night or without a lot of hard work and effort promoting and protecting breastfeeding culture and educating the people about rights, benefits of, and empowering women. So this is very disheartening to say the least.

    Alison will post tomorrow.

    I am thoroughly exhausted, upset and frustrated at the events today.

    Good night and please post your questions on the wall, and to our other members if you see questions please answer. xx

  9. This is just horrible! I cannot believe that people do not have better things to do with their time than to go on pages that are CLEARLY marked as Breastfeeding Support pages and report them!

  10. I called facebook 4 times the machine just hangs up no matter what extension you go to, except the law enforcement one I didn’t select that option.

  11. What is happening with this situation, does anybody know? I’m just furious that this group is still gone from my Facebook news feed.

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