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I am a stay-at-home mom of four children (though my baby is a preemie, still in the nicu), activist, blogger, and artist. I write about my journey through motherhood as a co-sleeping, babywearing, unschooling, triandem full-term breastfeeding parent.

In this blog you’ll find my thoughts on the treatment of women during pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding in public and on social media along with news in the natural parenting world, my family’s adventures, and some of my edible creations.


I hope to raise my children to appreciate this world we inhabit, our environment, and each other. I do not believe in any one parenting style or technique because I just do what works for me and my family and I believe everyone else can do the same. I have had people tell me I’m an attachment parent and my kids are free range kids. I don’t really like labels but I will take those as compliments.


I am passionate about normalizing breastfeeding and putting a stop to the controlling and shaming of women for their female bodies. I am happy to help promote awareness of these causes by allowing my photographs and stories to be published internationally in magazines and online.


I think having a natural, intervention free, physiological pregnancy and birth is too rare in the United States and needs to be normalized. My first birth was a cesarean for breech, and I will forever be scarred by it. My second birth was a lovely HBAC, my third was an amazing freebirth at home, and my 4th was a hospital freebirth! Here is my Pregnancy & Birth Advice post. This post by my fav birth blogger, Mama Birth, really hits the nail on the head about how I feel.


I am a Texan living in the SF Bay Area for over a decade. I enjoy getting outside and exploring the Bay Area and taking photos of my children and everything we do. Visit my Etsy page for paintings. And shhhh, I also love/hate celebrity gossip, romance novels, and reading other parenting blogs. Check out my post, A few good blogs to read, love, & save.

Want to get in touch? You can e-mail me at paalasblog at gmail dot com or message me on my facebook page.

Thanks and enjoy!

<3 Paala

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All information, photos, and posters shared on this blog are for educational and entertainment purposes. No alterations or modifications whatsoever may be made to any of my logos, images, or posters without written permission. I am also not a medical professional so while I do share my own family’s experiences, please contact your health care provider for personal lactation and medical advice.

20 thoughts on “About the Author

    • Of course! Spreading positive birth stories with women who need to and want to read them is such a gift. You’ve got a great sense of humor that shines through your posts too. Love those OB lies!

  1. Hi,
    I have a natural parenting magazine in Australia (www.nurtureparentingmagazine.com.au). I have an article in my next issue about tandem breastfeeding and would like to know if you would be willing for me to use your beautiful tandem breastfeeding photo? They are just devine!
    Many thanks,

  2. Congratulations on your blog and thank you for your advocacy for issues relating to women, equality and revealing the cultural flaws that I didn’t realize existed.

  3. Hi Paala

    Thank you for sharing my birth video “Birth in Nature” on your website. I was told about it by a friend and after looking around your website I feel honoured to be held in such a like minded space.

    Blessings on your next birth. I look forward to reading about it.

    All love

  4. Hi Paala, I established a group on facebook to organise meetings in my environment for people who are interested in attachment parenting, breastfeeding, co-sleeping etc.
    You have wonderful pics on your page and I would like to ask if you would allow me to share or post some of them from time to time in this group.

    It´s great to see that there are mothers like you :)
    Best regards from germany!

  5. Hi Paala,

    I love your blog and find some myself checking in on it a lot ! I currently am breastfeeding my 11 month old son and we co sleep and I still nurse him throughout the night whenever he wants. My husband and I have been considering trying to get pregnant again very soon and I know conceiving while breastfeeding is possible , but more difficult. I am wondering how you were able to get pregnant while breastfeeding your children at the same time!
    Thank you !

    • Hi Megan!

      Thanks for reading! I was able to conceive easily after my period returned each time. It took 9 months for my cycle to return after my first baby while nursing 24 hours a day and cosleeping, then 12 months after my next birth, then 18 or so. So, if your cycle is back, chances are good. If not, you might have to wait a bit. Kellymom has some great info on conceiving while breastfeeding.


      Best wishes on your journey to have another baby!


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