Birth Video of the week: The Free Water Birth of Jack

Birth is universal. No matter where or how in the world a woman is giving birth, a connection is felt. And I feel strongly that It’s important to share all types of births, especially physiological births in which the mother and child are completely unhindered and able to birth naturally without interventions. Everyone, noy just women, need to see what our bodies can do and have been doing since the dawn of time.

This water freebirth video was shared with me earlier this week by the birth photographer from Perth, Western Australia that documented it, Jessica Newton of Home-Grown Photography. Although water births are becoming increasingly popular, freebirths are much less common. A freebirth, or a family birth that is unassisted by medical professionals registered with the government, is one of many birthing options for a pregnant mother and her child.

Grab some tissues!

The birth of Jack v 2.0 from Jessica Newton on Vimeo.

Go give her Facebook page, Home-Grown Photography, some likes for supporting pregnant mamas and babies!

Did you have a water birth? Did you have a freebirth? Share your story!

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Video of premature baby born at 25 weeks – His first year

I am so thankful both of my girls were term but I was one. I was born a couple months early when my mother went into early labor and I can only imagine how my mother made it through it, visiting me in the NICU, bringing me pumped milk, hauling her kids every day on the public bus to come see me. My heart goes out to mothers of preemies.

Watch if you feel like crying:

Ward Miles – First Year by Tania Iepura - Youtube

Did you have a preemie? What was your journey like?

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Sweet Links: New Formula Push in Asia, Breastfeeding a Toddler, Babywearing, Natural Birth Guide, Cut down on the OJ & Squeezy Packets

Happy Sunday!

We just got home from a walk to the lake here in Oakland. It is such a gorgeous day, I can’t get over it. What else is going on? Not a whole lot. There was a big nurse-in in Texas on Friday. I had new nursing portraits taken last week with my girls and I just love them. This week on my blog, I disabled user registrations, just to let you know. I had about 400 spam registrations one night so I just turned it off until further notice.

Anyway, on to the sweet links. These are the latest birth, breastfeeding, and nutrition articles I’ve seen this week. And one funny video about the difference between and man and a woman getting sick – Watch The Man Cold.


<3 Paala


I love the photo featured of the author Stephanie Brandt Cornais of Mama and Baby Love and her two-year-old daughter.

What does breastfeeding look like in your family?

I didn’t know Jennifer Garner was still breastfeeding! She talks about her son’s needs in this NOW! Weekly Magazine article. I hope she’s joking about the weaning part but still, nursing past a year is awesome!

Ready for a laugh? Read this post by the The Feminist Breeder.

I weep for the babies that are victims of the major formula companies hunger for higher and higher profits. Apparently, Asia is their next target.

“Global breastfeeding rates are declining across East Asia and in some of Africa’s most populous countries like Ethiopia and Nigeria, according to the latest report by Save The Children. The NGO has blamed aggressive marketing plans used by corporate houses to formula milk for this decline.”


“The NGO report said that Asia being viewed as a lucrative new market for the formula-milk industry, which is already worth £16 billion and set to grow as whole by 31% by 2015. Around 20% of health workers surveyed in Pakistan said they received branded gifts from representatives of breast milk substitute companies, including prescription pads, calendars, pens and note pads

In China, the charity also spoke to mothers finding that 40% of mothers surveyed reported being given formula samples by some breast milk substitute’s company representatives or health workers.”

Forty percent!!! That is outrageous. When is making a buck going to take a back seat to the health of our children?

Heartbreaking story in Mali. Thank goodness her third baby is doing well!


Comic by joni rae of Tales of a Kitchen Witch. Read her post on it, Babywearing Done Right.

What do you do to keep yourself from yelling at your kids? We’re trying hugs when I feel like yelling and it really seems to be calming me down.

The next time you see a parent on their phone at the park, don’t judge. We’ve all been there. Though I did pat myself on the back today at the park for not bringing my phone out once. WHooo hooo! But then again, I was chatting with my in-laws. So I was still getting some adult interaction. Shame on me.

Just what I needed today. I need to reconnect with my three year old more, who is actually sleeping on me right now, because she’s been feeling jealous of her little sister these days more than usual. Thanks!

For anyone else having a hard time getting their kids to fall asleep in the same room.


Halle Berry is pregnant?! How did I miss this? She looks radiant.


Have you seen Naturo-Mommy‘s guide to a natural birth? What is your top advice for having a natural birth?

Food & Health

One more reason to make your own juice and fruit and veggies smoothies…

Okay, that is enough for today. Which article did you find most interesting?


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Happy Thursday!

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Women in the Media



And if you’re hungry, this will make you drool.

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Birth Film Worth Watching: The Other Side of the Glass

The Other Side of the Glass is a birth film for fathers. It made me tear up, even though it starts off a bit slow. Why don’t we think about how fathers are treated more during their first moments transitioning into parenthood? How can we prepare them to help us best and help their babies during birth? Regardless of how or where a mother decides to birth, home or in the hospital, the father should be able to do what he does best, be supportive and protect his family.


The Other Side of the Glass

Share this with your husband for Father’s Day this weekend.

Photo: Cord Wrapped At Birth

I just came across this photo today and wow. It is an amazing shot. I wrote about nuchal cords a few weeks ago, how the occurrence is actually quite common and mostly not a big deal. It is wonderful to see a photo for reassurance. The midwife just unwrapped the cord and everything was A-OK.

Read the story: Incredible Photo of Cord Being Unwrapped From Baby’s Neck - Birth Without Fear

“Most of the time a cord around baby’s neck will not cause problems. Keeping a close eye on heart tones is important and can help your midwife/doctor know if baby is handling labor/pushing well. Melissa sent in this wonderful picture that not only showed how simple it is to unwrap a cord, but also captured the amazing and raw moment of birthing and meeting your baby for the first time.” More at BFW

How do you feel about nuchal cords? Did your baby have one or two or more loops around their neck or body?



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Important Videos to Watch: Debunking the Myths about Birth, Midwives, Healthcare in the US, C-sections & Ina May Interviews

For your consideration…a collection of videos about birth, birth myths, interviews, and tips for labor and delivery.


Birth as a Rite of Passage

Penny Simkin, Physical Therapist, co-founded DONA International and has specialized in childbirth education, labor support, and birth counseling since 1968. She is the author of many books on birth for both parents and professionals, including The Birth Partner.

This interview clip is part of Rites of Passage, an exclusive video series and art/photo/ essay contest that engages mothers across the country in a dialogue about childbirth and the transformation of new motherhood.


Here are a few videos about how our current medical model of hospital birth leaves something to be desired.

Ina May Gaskins Speech at the 2011 Right Livelihood Awards

Gaskin is the author of Spiritual Midwifery and the founder and director of the Farm Midwifery Center.


Debunking the Myth: The US has the Best Birth Outcomes and the Best Medical Care in the World

Eugene Declercq: The Truth about C-Sections


Your birth experience matters. You do not have to pick between “safety” and experience. Watch: Debunking the Myth: Birth vs. Experience


What are your initial thoughts on midwives? Did you know that they are highly-trained professionals? Watch: Debunking the Myth: Midwives are Uneducated


Midwives are the experts on natural birth. OBs are only needed for special cases. Watch: Debunking the Myth: Birth should only be handled by experts


Numerous studies across the world affirm the safety of homebirth. Watch: Debunking the Myth: Home births are dangerous


Ina May Gaskin, author midwife & birth activist, talks about the fear in childbirth. Watch: Ina May Gaskin on fear in childbirth


26 minute interview - Ina May Gaskin on Birth Matters: A Midwife’s Manifesta


Listen to Ina May – 123



Ina May Gaskin and Karen Brody talk about birth (20 minutes)

Ina May Gaskin on the Human Impact of Hi-Tech Birth


Ina May and Steven Gaskin on Midwives, The Farm and Being “Technicolor Amish”

Skip the first 3 minutes if you don’t want to listen to Steven.

Preparing for birth: Eleanor Copp Midwife & Clinical Hypnotherapist Top Tips

Watch Michelle Collins, CNM, talk about Natural Childbirth Positions


Watch Michelle Collins, CNM, talk about drug-free birth..


Ina May Gaskin – Pleasure Bonding in Birth for Couples


Laboring & Pain Management Techniques:

Introduction to HypnoBirthing


Watch Michelle Collins, CNM, talk about the placenta. Home Birth : What Happens After the Birth


Things that people don’t want to hear about. Loss of the mother and loss of the baby during childbirth.

Ina May on Preventing Loss – Part 1

Ina May on Preventing Loss – Part 2

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