Meryl Streep recalls leaking breast milk all over her Golden Globes dress

Breastfeeding is no joke. Sure, it’s been a breeze for me (thank goodness!) but I still experience some of the common issues we all have. Sometimes moms leak when away from their baby. That’s just the way it goes. Even celeb moms get leaky sometimes! In fact, Meryl Streep leaked breast milk all over her white silk dress back in 1979 at the Golden Globes when she was accepting her first award. I really appreciated listening to her interview, her normalizing such a common issue during breastfeeding.

[Meryl Streep chatting on the Graham Norton Show.]

Her interview: “I was there for [the 1979 film] Kramer vs. Kramer just after giving birth to my first child. In those days they didn’t lend dresses and I didn’t have any money to buy something so I wore my wedding dress. It was a perfectly nice white silk dress, but the luncheon went on and I was breastfeeding and two o’clock came, three o’clock came and ‘boom,’ I started to lactate! In a white silk dress!”

“It was not good and I sat with my arms crossed over my chest, they called my name and I walked to the stage with my arms crossed and accepted the award one-handed, while still covering my breasts. They must have thought I was so odd. It was so embarrassing.”

And how gorgeous was she as a pregnant mom? I didn’t realize she had four children. How wonderful.

[Meryl Streep accepting awards during her breastfeeding, pregnancy days. Those are Oscars, not Golden Globes so that is not her actually leaky dress photo. Photos by Rex & Snap, I believe.]

Watch the interview on the a Graham Norton Show, about 12 minutes in:

Of course there are many ways to help stop leaking when it happens. These days there are washable cloth breast pads, disposable breast milk pads, and moms can even just press and hold on their nipples to stop the flow. Accidents still happen occasionally though. Bravo to Meryl for still getting up there on stage and accepting her award.

Have you ever leaked on your clothes away from your baby? How did you handle it?

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Homebirthing Celebrity: Thandie Newton

[Thandie and her newborn son, Booker. From Thandie Newton's twitter page]

In an interview with the TODAY show yesterday, Thandie Newton said she’s had all three of her babies at home. She said she has never stepped foot in a hospital, so she didn’t want to make her first trip to one to have a baby. Her last birth in March and her son was born on the bathroom floor.

She continued, “I had just associated hospital with being ill, and I felt beautiful and healthy and wonderful when I was pregnant, and being at home is the place I felt most relaxed and comfortable. So for me, it feels normal, but there was a time when everybody had their babies at home and it wasn’t such a big deal.”

She tweeted back in March that she used the same midwife to deliver all of her children. ’My 3rd home birth with brilliant independent midwife Caroline Flint – and Carole Goddard @PhoenixMidwives. Keep independent midwifery alive!’

Watch the interview:

Good for Thandie and her children! Did you have a homebirth on the bathroom floor, too?

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Pink: Normalizing Breastfeeding in Public

Have you seen Pink’s latest NIP photo? She is nursing her toddler in a restaurant in Paris. Her hubby, Carey Hart, put it up on his Instagram page this evening with the comment, “hartluck @pink Willz and i out to dinner in Paris. Looks like willow is having the best meal!” Of course, as a tandem breastfeeding mother of two toddlers, I fully appreciate the benefits of breast milk and love breastfeeding humor.

I took the liberty to turn it into a poster because today was one of those days where I was tired of people spouting off their negative subjective opinions about breastfeeding moms. These people shoot their mouths off, type in all caps, or call the cops on breastfeeding moms without doing any of the research on their state laws that allow nursing in public, the actual benefits of supporting breastfeeding in our culture, or the benefits of breastfeeding in general. They think a nursing mother is being an exhibitionist and that feeding a toddler is twisted and will hurt the child. I had someone tell me a photo of me and my daughter nursing was the creepiest thing they ever saw. I dare anyone to ask Pink to cover up, move, or to stop nursing and leave. I double dare them to tell her nursing her toddler is sick.

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What would Pink do? She said she would hand the baby off and fight a breastfeeding nay-sayer. Oh yea.

Watch Pink talk about it on the Alan Carr show back in September. Fast forward to the four minute mark if you’re short on time.

That’s right! It is normal and natural. Willow, who will be 18 month old on Dec 2nd, is one lucky baby to have such a strong mama and a father that fully supports her right to nurse and is proud to share it with the world.

Get ‘em, Pink! Thank you for just doing what works for you and your baby and helping normalize breastfeeding in the process.

Happy breastfeeding!


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Do you have a negative nursing in public incident you want to share? Call Best for Babes New Harassment Hotline: 1-855-NIP-FREE

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Sweet Links…Wedding Kisses, Mama Natural show, Reese’s Baby Belly, Alicia Silverstone nursing in her Ergo, Selma Blair on breastfeeding, Faith, Flynn, Blue & Aleph, Birthcenter Birth Story

O.M.G. It is almost the weekend!

Yea, yea. I know. It isn’t quite Friday yet but still. Thursday nights I can just TASTE the weekend. I might get to take a shower by myself!!!!!!!!!

Here are some posts that I found that are worth reading. Want more? Click here to check out my other recent Sweet Links posts.


And how cute is my little stander? Pretty soon she’ll be cruising!




Have you heard the terrible news?

So much hate. Unbelievable.


To get a little balance if you are also fuming and sad at the same time, see some love. More sweet kisses at Cup of Jo – How big can your wedding kiss be?













Have you seen the latest Mama Natural show?
On to Celeb News…

Did you see this yet? She’s nursing in her Ergo carrier. Love it! Go Alicia!


And another celeb mom in the news today breastfeeding proudly -


And I love that she’s protecting her baby. Look how cute her little feet are.


Doting mummy: Natalie Portman was spotted at a market in Orange County, California, yesterday with her cute baby son Aleph



I prefer Molly’s pregnancy style. What do you think?

Bump beauty spot: Molly Sims and Kristin Cavallari were seen at Ultra Beauty store yesterday

Bump beauty spot: Molly Sims and Kristin Cavallari were seen at Ultra Beauty store yesterday
She isn’t “out” yet but check out that baby belly!
Yes, cute babies make fathers look even better.

Daddy and me: Orlando Bloom took his son Flynn with him to dance class in Los Angeles today


Parenting Links to Consider…

And your birth story of the day…

“I AM IN LABOR”- A Birth Story Where Mama Knows Best – Mama Birth

The birth photography is just beautiful. Watch the slideshow. And the end of this mother’s story is just how I feel as my little Amelie is 7 month old tomorrow.

“The pain of labor dims, but the memories sharpen, fixated in my mind. And my beautiful little thing grows too fast in my arms and time flies.”

Sweet Links…Hot Moms Special! Jessica Alba, Michelle Obama, Miranda Kerr, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Beyoncé, & Charlize Theron

I can’t get enough of Daily Mail celebrity gossip today. Seriously. Check out these hot moms in the news today.

 ’I'm the disciplinarian’: Jessica Alba on why she is a strict mother as she poses for portrait with her daughters

The bad guy? Jessica Alba poses with her adorable children Haven, seven months and Honor Marie, six, in the new issue of Parenting

Love that dress. And look at those sweet sisters.

What do you think about leopard pants? They seem to like ‘em on Daily Mail. But I’m not so sure.

Wild thing! Miranda Kerr is chic in bright blue leopard-print jeans

Wild thing: Miranda Kerr returns to he New York apartment after a trip to the spa wearing bright blue leopard-print jeans

And when is Maggie’s due date again? She seems like such a chill mom. I can’t wait to see her new baby.

Any day now? Pregnant Maggie Gyllenhaal cradles her rather large baby bump as she edges nearer to her due date – Daily Mail

Any day now? Pregnant Maggie Gyllenhaal, who is said to be due to give birth soon, was spotted cradling her rather large baby bump in New York today

Also just saw Beyonce on Daily Mail too with her little girl. She does look like a happy new mom. I’m not a fan of the Baby Bjorn though. Get that mama an Ergo carrier, stat! And I saw some little gold baby shoes this weekend that I was really tempted to buy for my pre-walker but I know they are just for me, not for her. So I resisted. Why cramp her little feet with shoes when they don’t do any good? Well, except for a little wind protection.

Her golden girl! Beyoncé clads Blue Ivy in precious metal booties for a stroll in Manhattan


Coordinated: Blue's gold shoes matched the mellow palette of Beyoncé's outfit
And guess who just adopted a baby boy?
Getting some tips on motherhood?: Charlize chatted away to fellow actress Katie Holmes
And last but not least, Michelle Obama’s. Love her glow, love that dress!
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