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Happy Wednesday!

It was my birthday yesterday. Yep. I’m inching towards 30. Can’t hide from it now! It was a pretty good day. I decided to refresh my wardrobe since I have not been shopping in forever and now that I’m even smaller than before I became pregnant with my last child, my clothes don’t fit right. I found some cute spring/summer dresses and bright flats.

What is your favorite spring fashion trend? Floral patterned dresses? Stripes? Flowy blouses? Please don’t tell me you’re falling for neon! DON’T DO IT!!

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Boys are all over the place!
My brother is visiting from Austin tomorrow through next week and I just saw these photos and thought of him.

What do you think of this loose clothing trend after it being tight for the last couple of years? Looks comfy to me!

And if you need your Mama Birth fix like me, here are a couple new things to check out…
OK! Enough for today. Time for errands.
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