Tips for New Moms: Swimsuit Shopping

I finally bought a new swimsuit this weekend. After five summers and two pregnancies stretching it out, my red and white polka dot tanki number had enough. I think I found the perfect one. I love the bold print, the good fit of the bottoms and how the top accentuates my hot breastfeeding boobs (oh yes, I said that), how it makes me feel young again.

Let me just get this out here first: Swimsuit shopping sucks big time after you’ve had kids. Unless you know exactly what suit type will look best on your postpartum body and plan to be kid-free while shopping. Period.

I tried on a few styles I was *hoping* would look good on me and sizes I wished I could fit in. They looked disasterous. And it wasn’t worth it, trying to to branch out my suit style when I was strapped with a ticking time bomb. My baby.

Shopping for anything you need to try on with a baby stuck to your chest, completely passed out or not, is quite the ordeal. My not-so-little, very vocal 9 month-old was NOT pleased to be bothered with my silly bathing suit wishes. Her nap was more important than my need to try things on when a store has a crappy return policy. (I needed to try it on because I wouldn’t be able to return or exchange it. Final sale on marked-down items at Jeremy’s. Jerks. But thanks for the cute suit on sale!) She did appreciate the new, easy access swimsuit top later though.

Here is my new suit (by Tibi New York):

Of course the kids drained my bouncy breastfeeding boobs right before this photo was taken so they’re not as nice as they were for hours before this (kind of like Fergie’s in my mind but I know they’re not that nice).

And I do wish it had some cute ruffles on the tush. No, I’m not going to show you my butt, but let’s just say it is a bit too small these days due to all my extra calories going to the kids and I want a little lift or something back there.

So, if you need to go shopping for a swimsuit, make it easy on yourself. Don’t be that stressed-out mother “shhh-ing” a nap-deprived and therefor cranky and loud baby that is hell-bent on knocking over everything in sight and eating and spitting up tags while simultaneously trying to grab those feed bags you’re busy shoving up in a swimsuit. Have the husband watch the baby. Then you can nit pick about how terrible you think your postpartum body looks in peace. And maybe grab a smoothie and a pedi after you’re done. I wish I had.

Thanks again for making my fitting room experience one I’ll never forget, kid.

How do you go shopping with a baby? What bathing suit looks best on your postpartum body?


One last thing, look how many celebrities in swimsuits my online gossip mag, Daily Mail, featured in the sidebar at this very moment. Summer is here!



I went to the beach on a day when the girls didn’t drain my milk enough (even though they did both nurse at the beach, they just didn’t empty them) and I must say, this suit doesn’t really cut it. I feel like it is just going to fly off when my breasts are at their max. Off to find a new suit!

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Sweet links…10 Tips for Flying With a Toddler, Saving Money, Fashion, Hairstyles to drool over, Breastfeeding multiples, Night Wakings, Photoshopped Venus, Vaccinations in Vermont

Happy Tuesday!

What a day! Back to back playdates with lovely mamas and babies. I almost maxed out on baby chub. Here is me with my sweet baby girl, who is already nearly 6 months old, and her bestie to be. Look how casual cool he’s being.

Here are my sweet links for today…

10 Tips for Flying With a Toddler – Mama Natural

Also just saw this – I (sometimes) love cooking and always love saving money!

Save Money By Cooking from Scratch – NYC Taught Me

Speaking of saving money, have you ever made a budget and really followed it? I’m sorta hoping to do that for our family because things are sorta tight around here and I want to see where all of our money is going. I just saw this blog, Financial Friday: Update, and though…man, I’d probably fail just like this! style wise, I love this shirt & coat in tick tock tick tock by the Daybook. Shoes? Not so much. I can’t handle pointy heels anymore. Rounded, sure! Flats, even better. What do you think?

Also, how do I do my hair like that?? Did she steal that from Cup of Jo? I bet she did…I’m going to go find that ‘do.

Ok, I couldn’t find the exact one but I really want to braid my hair every day now.
Check out these sweet hairstyles on Cup of Jo -
Want more? Click here.
Aren’t those mom friendly dos? If the kids are sleeping while you try and braid your hair in the bathroom…that was me today, anyway.
More mom stuff…
Woman awake


Interesting article on waking during the night…

The myth of the eight-hour sleep –

“Sleeping in one eight-hour chunk is a very recent phenomenon, and lying awake at night could be good for you, according to scientists and historians.”


Have you seen these photoshopped images? I personally love the curvier ladies. They looks so much more beautiful, womanly. I miss some of my curves right now actually. Gaining and losing 40lbs twice in the last 3 years makes me really appreciate the curves of my body.

Tiziano - Venere di Urbino

And one more thing…

Non-medical vaccine exemptions are under serious attack across the United States, with the latest assault happening in Vermont.

It is extremely important that Vermont residents, who want to protect their right to obtain a philosophical exemption to vaccination for their children, IMMEDIATELY contact their state representative and senator and ask them to vote “NO” to S. 199 and H. 527.

Legislators in other states may soon follow Vermont’s lead and try to restrict your right to make voluntary vaccine choices.

Vermont Parents Fight to Save Philosophical Exemption

“The philosophical vaccine exemption is under attack in Vermont, where legislators are trying to take away the basic legal and human right to choose what does (or does not) get injected into your body.”

Enough for today. Enjoy!

Sweet links…Baby Wearing, Diaper Free, Obesity risks, Suri Cruise, Equestrian chic?

Sweet links for today!


Baby wearing in the freezing cold – nutty or not? – Canadian Babywearing School



Could you go Diaper Free? More by Miriam Katz on the Attachment Parenting International Blog.

Timing of Baby Food Tied to Obesity Risk - NY Times

Daddy's girl: Tom Cruise holds daughter Suri as they visit Bouchon Bakery in Beverly Hills with Katie Holmes

Tom Cruise carrying Suri. More at Daily Mail.

How old is too old for a child to be carried?

My thoughts, if the child can still be lifted by their parents and wants to be carried, why put an age limit on it? I think it’s sweet.



And who would have thought I would sorta like Equestrian chic? Check out bridle-like belts and towering riding boots at Daily Mail.

Locked in: All the models sported some variety of harness or wide belt

That’s it for today! Back to Catching Fire!

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Sweet links….Celebs, Formula babies, Breastfeeding, Pedipeds, and a Home Birth Video!

What a wonderful weekend that was. I am sad to see it go. Now that the kids are in bed, I’m catching up on my celeb gossip & other news on my google reader…

Me and my girls: David Beckham arrived for Victoria's New York Fashion Week show at the NY Public Library holding Harper in his arms

Who doesn’t love a handsome dad holding their little baby? David & Harper Beckham attend Victoria’s show…more at Daily Mail


















Meryl Streep vs. Christina Hendricks? They both look lovely! More Baftas red carpet fun at Daily Mail

Hollywood comes to town: Christina Hendricks and Meryl Streep both took the plunge in corsetted black gowns as they dazzled on the red carpet at the Bafta Awards at The Royal Opera House

Hollywood comes to town: Christina Hendricks and Meryl Streep both took the plunge in corsetted black gowns as they dazzled on the red carpet at the Bafta Awards at The Royal Opera House







Fashionista: Zoe Saldana was spotted front row at the Prabal Gurung show in New York

There's no place like home: The 33-year-old actress spent the day with her mother in the Los Angeles suburb





Zoe Saldana – not so sure about those loud trousers & iffy heels. She’s still totally gorgeous though. How do some people pull off ugly outfits?

Read more: Daily Mail








And others…not so much.

Katherine Heigl…why do I love to hate her style? Look at those boots with that hat!! What was she thinking??

Read more: Daily Mail





OK! Enough celebs. Back to mom stuff.

FINALLY! Pediped Debuts New and Improved Shoe Design – by Anya at

I have NO IDEA how they didn’t fix this major error in their shoe design earlier. My oldest daughter bit it countless times in those slippery soled suckers.

Photo Courtesy of Pediped

Breastfeeding basics: why do babies seem more full on formula? – National Breastfeeding |

Why do they?? Read it!

Oh you want more breastfeeding links? Ok, ok…

Foremilk vs. Hindmilk: The Unnecessary Controversy – San Diego Breastfeeding Center, LLC – Blog –

Breastfed babies have better chance of avoiding obesity - MELISSA DAVEY, Western Advocate

Besides the obvious, what did I find interesting in this article? It says that the out of the 2066 children in the study, only 10% were exclusively breastfed at 6 months. What a damn shame.

And do you love birth stories as much as I do?

One Hour, 10 Minute Labor?! Wowza!- An Unassisted Surprise – by Mama Birth

And one more thing I had to share…

Home Birth Video- With Big Sister As Stunning Doula – by Mama Birth

Watch it if you need to know the beauty of birth. Or already do.

Birth from Josh Rask Films on Vimeo.

Sweet links…Blue Ivy, Cheap and Healthy Pregnancy Foods, Sleep training, Floral Print Pants

Cheap and Healthy Pregnancy Foods – by Mama Birth

(Photo from

water pregnancy photo

Underwater Maternity Photo – by Mrs. BWF

Isn’t this pregnancy photo gorgeous?

What do stay-at-home moms do all day? - The Deranged Housewife




Sleep Training & the Generation Gap - by Amalah

Why do mothers and mothers-in-laws and grandmothers have to mess with new moms?



10 processed foods to feed your kids without feeling guilty –

Are you as skeptical as I am? Well, here is the list:

  • Boil-in-bag, parboiled, or frozen brown rice
  • Chicken sausages (antibiotic- and nitrate-free)
  • Soup and broth (low-sodium in aseptic boxes or jars)
  • Jarred pasta and barbecue sauce
  • Vacuum-packed gnocchi
  • Polenta rolls
  • Hummus
  • Salsa
  • Frozen waffles

Celeb News!

Meet Blue Ivy! Beyoncé and Jay-Z share  first family portraits of baby daughter

By Sarah Fitzmaurice – Daily Mail

Proud mother: Beyonce and Jay Z posted pictures of their daughter Blue Ivy to a blog they have created for her Proud mother: Beyonce and Jay Z posted pictures of their daughter Blue Ivy to a blog they have created for her.

Baby No. 3 on the Way for Jason Lee – by Sarah

Isn’t he so cute? And look at his wife!! What an adorable couple.




Photo by LuMar Jr./AFF


1 Trend, 3 Ways: Floral Print Pants – by Anya

My thoughts? Oh hell no. Don’t do it!





Top mom links for the day…Privacy, Rivalry, Breasts, Celebs, & one crazy dress

Can’t go to the bathroom without your kids barging in? Read Toilet Togetherness on Bad Moms Club

Anyone else juggling two (or more) kids and the older one is getting jealous and acting out? Read Playing with One, Playing with Two by PhD in Parenting

Product DetailsDo those darn nursing covers make you angry sometimes? Like just because some mothers use them, everyone else thinks EVERY nursing mother should have the “decency” to use one too? I do actually use a blanket as a cover sometimes so yea, I guess I am a hypocrite. But at least I know that it is wrong that I feel more comfortable nursing while covered because nursing without a cover is somehow something to be uncomfortable about, something to hide.

Read this blog by mom blogger, Banned From Baby Showers – Cultural Covering of Breastfeeding

Picture perfect family! Britney Spears and her fiance Jason Trawick took her sons Jayden James and Sean Preston bowling over the weekend

The celebrity mom I love to hate. Slim Britney Spears and fiance Jason Trawick treat her boys to a trip to the bowling alley on Daily Mail







Shining bright: Reese teamed the dress with a pair of black heels and left her blonde hair poker straight

And the celebrity mom I love to love. Check out the photos on Daily Mail’s Leaving us green with envy! Reese Witherspoon shines in an emerald dress for This Means War premiere









Coy, and letting it all hang out: A model shows off Molaro's mega-boob creation at Alta Roma fashion week in the Italian capital

I love Daily Mail, can you tell? Check out this crazy dress…Breast-dressed model! Designer unveils bizarre ‘boob gown’ at Rome fashion week

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