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Monday, Monday.

Guess what? After just under a month of searching, we found our new home! And we were accepted! I am so excited. Though not so much about the whole packing, moving, and unpacking bit. Sigh. And how do I give a formal 30-day notice? I just found this nice letter by some guy who says he excels at awkward. Love it.

How is your Monday starting off? My crew is still naked and I don’t plan on getting dressed to leave the house until after 2pm. Busy weekends make me want to stay in PJs all day on Monday. My eldest daughter busted her lip (while jumping in her sister’s crib) and got blood all over things so that’s another reason why she’s naked. That and potty training. No accidents since Friday! Yay!

Here are some posts that I found that are worth reading. Want more? Click here to check out my other recent Sweet Links posts.



Guess what wins the most annoying, sexist article of the day?

Dressing to impress: How what a woman wears can reveal more than she ever intended about her personality  – Daily Mail

Actress Christina Hendricks (wearing Johanna Johnson) arrives at the 63rd Primetime Emmy Awards held at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles, California

This article explains that clinical psychologist Dr Jennifer Baumgartner claims our wardrobe decisions tell others about the secret desires that we are trying to hide. Ummm. Already sounds link bunk, right? Read a little more, like this juicy tidbit, “Too much cleavage suggests you are power hungry and keen for control while over-the-top jewellery implies you are insecure and may have financial difficulties,” and you’ll be swearing at this Jennifer chick too.

The most awesome celebrity quote of the day: George Clooney, regarding his sexuality. Do you think he’s gay or straight or a little of both?
Colourful: Keibler looked in a summery mood in a tight pink vest the following day
He told The Advocate: ‘I think it’s funny, but the last thing you’ll ever see me do is jump up and down, saying, “These are lies!” That would be unfair and unkind to my good friends in the gay community.  ‘I’m not going to let anyone make it seem like being gay is a bad thing.  ‘My private life is private, and I’m very happy in it. Who does it hurt if someone thinks I’m gay? I’ll be long dead and there will still be people who say I was gay. I don’t give a s***.’  Read more at Daily Mail: Back to normality: After arrest, George Clooney gets back to what he does best on relaxing break with Stacy Keibler 
I’m sure most of my readers are mothers, right? Well, think back to your pre-baby self. Were you ever on the fence? Motherhood – take it or leave it? I know that I was certain for a while there that I didn’t want kids. Why? I’m not sure. Perhaps it was just rejection of a responsibility that was ahead of my years, something I wasn’t prepared for. I mainly think I just wasn’t in the right place yet and I knew the moment I met my dear sweet husband, that I wanted to be a mother.
“My good friend Corrie Pikul, a 36-year-old magazine writer and blogger living in Brooklyn, has never been sure if she should have a child. She doesn’t for sure want one, but she also doesn’t not want one. She’s completely 50/50. So, as she gets older, how will she make the decision? Here, Corrie shares her fascinating story…”
Speaking of mothers, take a look at these celebrity mamas in the news.

Looking swell: Pregnant actress Uma Thurman was spotted pulling up to a bay in St Barts, where she showed off her bump in a black bikini

I love how curvy she gets when she’s pregnant compared to her normal, thin self. I love the curves of pregnant women. I love that the pressure to stay thin, for once, is abated. Well, sometimes. There has been some recent negativity that pregnant mothers receive about how much weight they gained. And I’m sure the thin celeb pregnant mothers-to-be aren’t helping. What is that trend called – pregorexia? Terrible. Starving yourself and your baby.

Anyway, people just assume a pregnant mother is public property and tell her anything they feel like. If a woman gains more than 15-20 pounds, she must be eating junk and polluting her baby, right? How DARE she? Well, not really, thanks random-jerk-joe-blow. I gained 40 pounds during both of my pregnancies, regardless of how different my diet was between the two. And I always ended up below my pre-pregnancy weight both times and fairly quickly too, I might add. That didn’t stop my doctor from pregnancy #1 from telling me that she thinks gaining 15 pounds is healthy, she did it, and she hated how women gained too much weight and treated their bodies like trash cans. Let’s just say I didn’t go back to her for baby #2.

Jessica Simpson has been getting flack for being an “over-weight” celebrity for a few years now, because she was thin during her youth, and then started getting curvier. When she got pregnant, people didn’t like seeing a round pregnant woman in the news. They were used to the thin ones, the likes of Victoria Beckham and the Victoria’s Secret models. To hell with them. Women can be curvy during pregnancy and still be healthy!

A heavily pregnant Jessica Simpson gets caught in a downpour with fiancé Eric Johnson – Daily Mail

Soaked: Jessica Simpson was caught out today as she picked up her dinner


Parents also get criticized for any parenting choice that others do not agree with. I know that I prefer my household to be hand-sanitizer free and don’t mind too much when my kid eats dirt or drinks water from her shoes. Why? I think sheilding my children from every day germs is not a good thing. And this NPR article made me smile.

Why Getting Grimy As A Child Can Make For A Healthier Life – NPR  Maybe the kids would be healthier if Mom skipped this sometimes.

The so-called hygiene hypothesis is right. Scientists say they’ve figured out how exposure to germs in infancy reduces the risk of allergies and other immune system problems.

“And their findings square with 20 years of epidemiological research showing that exposure to microbes and parasites in childhood reduces the risk of autoimmune disease.

There’s evidence that children who are given antibiotics early in life are more likely to have immune-based problems like asthma and food allergies. There’s even some evidence that women might have more autoimmune diseases than men because they’re kept cleaner than boys as children.

These disorders are more common in developed countries, and in people who move from the developing world into tidier lands.

So parents may someday emulate the germy mouse world, rather than a scrubbed and sterile environment, to ensure the health of their offspring.”


Speaking of children…Do you have a thumb sucker? I do. Two of them actually. But my eldest just picked it up from her sister during her latest copy-cat phase and rediscovered her love of it, having already dropped it once during infancy. I have mixed feelings about it. Should I try and stop it, nip it in the bud before she’s sucking her thumb at 10 years old? Or just let it run its course?

Read this: Bad Moms Let Their Kids Suck Their Thumbs – Bad Moms Club

EmilyAngela says, “My youngest child, my only daughter, is a thumb-sucker.” She also battles with her feelings about it.

“Is the thumb-sucking a battle that needs to be waged? No. Yes. Maybe. I don’t know.”

We shall see!



How terrible would it be to grow up with this many camera around you at all times while out in public??

Not your average child: Perhaps it was the number of paparazzi waiting to photograph Suri outside Balthazar restaurant in SoHo that upset her yesterday

“Not your average child: Perhaps it was the number of paparazzi waiting to photograph Suri outside Balthazar restaurant in SoHo that upset her yesterday”

I don’t really think of how many cameras my celeb gossip requires, shoves in the faces of kids, just to fuel the needs of millions like me, who like reading it.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2119997/Katie-Holmes-comforts-tearful-Suri.html#ixzz1qFFuVHIy


More celeb kids in the news…

Leaving mommy in the shades! Little Mason Disick is a star in the making as he rocks trendy Ray-Bans on stroll – Daily Mail

Star of the show: Mason and mommy Kourtney enjoyed a stroll in Calabasas, California at the weekend wearing shades

Her sunglasses…terrible. His? Cute. Even though I’m not sure how I feel about sunglasses on kids. I was never a fan, myself, and now I’m only just starting to wear them. I like to see all the true colors.


More fashion on The Daybook - colored jeans

I am seriously considering bright jeans. Have I lost my mind?

Blame it on spring and the bright yellow daffodils sitting in front of me, but I think I want some.

Enough for today!

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