Do you practice Elimination Communication?

Reduce Diapers with Elimination Communication

I just watched the latest Mama Natural show (MNShow 37) and I love that she covered many things I’ve already put on my blog lately.

But I have not really talked about Elimination Communication. Do you EC? Would you? I am thinking about giving it a go after my compostable diaper supply runs out because 1) I’m not looking forward to cloth diapers again, 2) Peeing & pooping in a potty is so much cleaner / easier to clean up (if potty training my toddler has taught me anything), and 3) It is the cheapest option!

Plus, after reading this Lifehacker bit, I was a bit motivated. “Many native peoples in tropical climates historically raised children without diapers; since the babies were mostly naked anyway the parents would try to anticipate bowel movements and urination and have the baby go in the latrine when possible. This philosophy has been reintroduced in the past few decades under the name elimination communication.”

Tell me your stories! Get me amped up!

Interesting links/videos on ECing:

Sweet Links…Wedding Kisses, Mama Natural show, Reese’s Baby Belly, Alicia Silverstone nursing in her Ergo, Selma Blair on breastfeeding, Faith, Flynn, Blue & Aleph, Birthcenter Birth Story

O.M.G. It is almost the weekend!

Yea, yea. I know. It isn’t quite Friday yet but still. Thursday nights I can just TASTE the weekend. I might get to take a shower by myself!!!!!!!!!

Here are some posts that I found that are worth reading. Want more? Click here to check out my other recent Sweet Links posts.


And how cute is my little stander? Pretty soon she’ll be cruising!




Have you heard the terrible news?

So much hate. Unbelievable.


To get a little balance if you are also fuming and sad at the same time, see some love. More sweet kisses at Cup of Jo – How big can your wedding kiss be?













Have you seen the latest Mama Natural show?
On to Celeb News…

Did you see this yet? She’s nursing in her Ergo carrier. Love it! Go Alicia!


And another celeb mom in the news today breastfeeding proudly -


And I love that she’s protecting her baby. Look how cute her little feet are.


Doting mummy: Natalie Portman was spotted at a market in Orange County, California, yesterday with her cute baby son Aleph



I prefer Molly’s pregnancy style. What do you think?

Bump beauty spot: Molly Sims and Kristin Cavallari were seen at Ultra Beauty store yesterday

Bump beauty spot: Molly Sims and Kristin Cavallari were seen at Ultra Beauty store yesterday
She isn’t “out” yet but check out that baby belly!
Yes, cute babies make fathers look even better.

Daddy and me: Orlando Bloom took his son Flynn with him to dance class in Los Angeles today


Parenting Links to Consider…

And your birth story of the day…

“I AM IN LABOR”- A Birth Story Where Mama Knows Best – Mama Birth

The birth photography is just beautiful. Watch the slideshow. And the end of this mother’s story is just how I feel as my little Amelie is 7 month old tomorrow.

“The pain of labor dims, but the memories sharpen, fixated in my mind. And my beautiful little thing grows too fast in my arms and time flies.”

Sweet Links…15 Green Veggie-Packed Recipes, Neve Campbell’s expecting, Due Dates, Supporting Women in All Birthing Choices, Celeb Baby Catchers, Pink Slime

Happy St. Patty’s Day!

I hope you’re celebrating for both of us because I’m too tired. I’m curled up on the couch watching Grey’s and catching up on my reading. Here are some interesting posts worth reading. Want more? Click here to check out my other recent Sweet Links posts.


I completely forgot to put Paaloma’s St. Patty’s Day shirt on today!! I just remembered she had one when I saw this cute photo by Jessica Alba.

Jessica Alba dresses baby daughter Haven in a bright green for St. Patrick’s day – Daily Mail

Luck of the Irish: Jessica Alba's daughter Haven as dressed up festively for St. Patrick's Day, wearing a green bib and hat with shamrocks on

And I didn’t put Amelie in green today either. I am a terrible mother!

Let’s get on with it…

It’s a Baby, Not a Gallon Of Milk – Briobirth

Read if you’re annoyed about the “due date” thing too.

Supporting Women in All Birthing Choices…Is It Possible? – Birthing Without Fear

Yes? YES! I know, how hard it is. For me anyway. Maybe you’re perfect but it is hard for me to understand the paths people take because I just can’t get over how wonderful my natural birth was compared to my unplanned, medically unnecessary c-section.

And I love this sweet pregnancy / tot photo.

Charlize Theron Says Swaddling’s ‘Pretty Amazing’ – People

Did your child enjoy being swaddled? Neither of mine did! I sear I was doing it right.

Neve Campbell and JJ Feild Expecting First Child – People

Anthony/AD/ Pacific Coast News

Neve Campbell is pregnant!

Is there such a thing as spending too much time with your kids?? How much time do they consider too much?

Women and Time survery results regarding child care


Marla Sokoloff’s Blog: Meet Elliotte Anne! – People

Why is it that I feel happy for this woman but am cringing at the same time? The heplock in her harm just dangling there, the hospital down, the bed…sigh. I just loved my homebirth SO much compared to my hospital birth that it just seems so unnatural to me now. I will never go back.

Eat Your Greens: 15 Green Veggie-Packed Recipes to Serve Up on St. Patrick’s Day – Lil Sugar

That looks interesting…

Just call them the baby catchers! I love that half of them caught their own babies!!

And WHAT’S IN YOUR MAMA PURSE? (MNShow 33) – Mama Natural Show

And I don’t have school-aged kids yet but…

USDA To Give Schools More Ground Beef Choices After Outcry Over ‘Pink Slime’

 The U.S. Department of Agriculture says it will give schools alternatives to ground beef made with what critics have called "pink slime."

The U.S. Department of Agriculture said it believes beef trimmings known officially as “Lean Finely Textured Beef” are safe to eat. They said today that all food purchased for the National School Lunch Program undergoes safety testing, including the Lean Finely Textured Beef. (USDA allows up to 15 percent of a finished food item, like a hamburger or taco, to be made with the Lean Fine Textured Beef.) One way the industry says it kills harmful bacteria is by spraying ammonia gas on the meat long before it is served. Nonetheless, it announced that owing to “customer demand” it will give schools the chance to opt out of it in the next school year.


Have you seen the Mama Natural Show?

Check it out!


A shocking diagnosis, the million boob rally, and tips & tricks for the common cold. It’s episode 28 of the Mama Natural Show.

Great Nurse-In FB page:

Mama Natural’s youtube page


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