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What day of the week is it again? Thursday? That is one not-so-great thing about being a stay at home mom. Not knowing what day of the week it is until the weekend. Let’s see what is exciting today:

Love this! Support locally owned businesses! And who else wants to see this on youtube – shopping AND dancing?

image‘Cash Mobs’ profit locally owned stores | PRI.ORG

“A new phenomenon, called “Cash Mobs,” is spreading across the country, changing the way people view local businesses. Similar to flash mobs, Cash Mobs organize customers to spend money at struggling locally owned businesses to support their community.” Read more: www.pri.org

Oh yes. She mentions Santa, car seats, spanking, circumcision, sharing, induction, vaccines, organic foods, smoking pot while pregnant, breastfeeding, bottle feeding, working mothers, stay at home mothers, swaddling, boycotting, chemicals in diapers, fluoride, microwaves, weaning.

A Conversation About Weaning – phdinparenting

I loved this short piece.

 My mother breastfed me too and I didn’t want to give it up. Nothing she could say or do would dissuade me. One day, when I was three years old, she put dijon mustard on her nipples.

I’ve loved mustard ever since.


If you also love the work she has done with Ricki Lake as director of The Business of Being Born, Your Best Birth, and More Business of Being Born – watch & listen to the interview on Vokle. Abby Epstein talks about homebirth and answers audience questions. The show starts off a bit slow – skip to minute 10.

Good read. I felt that little competitive edge to compare my first baby with other kids her age too. But I felt bad that I thought she was a little slow, even though hit all of her milestones on time, because she wasn’t hitting them as early as some other kids. Why do we need to think our kids are the best and brightest? Little genesis?
Sue me but I did read something on Yahoo today. It was interesting. And the end was really spot on. “How can a personhood bill claim to protect unborn children if it doesn’t also protect the women who bear them?”

Grandma The Underminer – by Amalah > Advice Smackdown

I don’t really have a problem with my MIL not respecting my wishes for my children, maybe because she’s halfway across the US or maybe because she’s pretty mellow anyway, but this was still a good read.



And a lovely breastfeeding poster from Birthing, Bonding, & Breastfeeding:

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