This is MY Body: A Video About Equal Rights for Women

A moving video about equal rights for women is going viral. Women’s rights are still a major issue, despite how much we have come in the last century. Women are paid less than their male counterparts. Women have unnecessary c-sections performed on them. Women are raped in the streets during broad daylight. Women are harassed and even kicked out of businesses for breastfeeding. Women are forced to find other clinics to provide birth control, STD and cancer screenings because Planned Parenthood’s funding was cut from the Susan G. Komen Foundation in an attempt to disable women’s access to abortion services. State sanctioned rape is not acceptable but somehow, it is happening!

From Care2 ‘This Is My Body’ Video Sees Women Speaking Out For Control:‘This Is My Body’ Video Sees Women Speaking Out For Control

The women in the video bring up things women around the country face every day — harassment when they try to hold control over their own bodies and laws that block them from choosing their own health care routes.

“I am done being excluded from decisions about my sexual and reproductive health,” says one woman.

“I will not be quiet, I will not wait my turn, I will not heed you,” says another. “I know my physical and mental strength and I do not fear you.”

This Is My Body from Jason Stefaniak on Vimeo.

How can you help women? Share this video. Share your knowledge of things you’re passionate about with other women. For me, that is reproductive rights, birth stories, and breastfeeding support and advice. 

Let’s make a better world for our children, especially our daughters.


Hilarious! Watch Stephen Colbert’s Defense of Planned Parenthood

Just saw this today, yea I’m a little slow, but it was hilarious.

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